Volvo survey: Californians, New Yorkers want autonomous cars

Volvo survey: Californians, New Yorkers want autonomous cars

Volvo survey: Californians, New Yorkers want autonomous cars

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Volvo has set a paradigm on packing its vehicles with autonomous technology by teaming up with other companies and giving drivers the aptitude to try out its technology in the real world. Volvo’s latest scan, however, revealed some interesting matter on which states are ready to accept autonomous vehicles.

According to Volvo’s progressing survey, “nine out of ten New Yorkers and 86 percent of residents in California consider that autonomous cars could produce life easier.” Comparatively, drivers in Pennsylvania, Illinois, and Texas aren’t as convinced. “Exclusive about half (52 percent) of Illinois respondents would certainty an autonomous car to make decisions about refuge, 10 percent less than the jingoistic average,” states Volvo.

In Pennsylvania, at worst 62 percent of residents believe that having more au‚Äčtonomous vehicles wish eliminate traffic incidents, which is underneath the national average of 68 percent. And lone 60 percent of Texans believe that autonomous vehicles can save their family safer – nine percent further the national average of 69 percent.

While the matter reveals that Americans vary in their point of view on autonomous vehicles, the survey displays the simple concern about the speed, or lack thereof, at which local authorities and rule agencies are planning for autonomous vehicles. In extension to agreeing over how slow governments are, the number of drivers – 68 percent – put faith that old-fashioned driving is a luxury that needs to be preserved. The over, according to Volvo Car USA President and CEO Lex Kerssemakers, confirmed that consumers interested in autonomous vehicles quiet want freedom behind the wheel.

With severely 50,000 responses worldwide, Volvo Cars’ Days of Driving survey is one of the largest online consumer conversations hither autonomous vehicles to date and reveals that the the greater part of drivers are behind handing the controls exceeding to computers.


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