Volvo Amazon with a twist

Volvo Amazon with a twist

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The Volvo Amazon was manufactured from the mid ‘50s until 1970, and it was a pioneer of its time – it marked the introduction of seatbelts as standard equipment, as well as the first car to feature three-point seatbelts as standard too.

This Amazon in question is different to all of the others, yet it still retains its pioneering persona and true Volvo reliability, because this Amazon is having its engine swapped to a two-stroke marine V8. It’s an Evinrude, standing upright, ready to serve outboard duty for a powerful boat. But in the Amazon, it’ll sit in the nose and power this vintage Volvo drag racer. A pair of throttle bodies snap open quickly with each stab of the throttle, sitting down very low. Each cylinder has its own exhaust outlet, making for four pipes on each side.

This marine engine is built to offer inherent reliability. It’s able to run wide open for extended periods, utilising its 250hp and 300 lb-ft of torque to dramatic effect – benefit from considerable power jumps with little effort.

The only question that still remains is: what will this classic Volvo be like when the engine swap is complete? It’ll assuredly be a sight to behold and will drive like no other that has gone before.

At Lancaster Reading, we unfortunately won’t be able to offer you the classic Amazon, but take a look at our new car offers as we are sure to have a deal for you.


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