Premium sound system for Volvo S90

Premium sound system for Volvo S90

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Spur sound system for Volvo S90

The Volvo S90 was officially unveiled in fresh 2015, but details have now been revealed up its premium sound system – and it won’t disappoint.

Bowers & Wilkins is well regarded in the automotive industry, with its arms being used on various vehicles, but the new-begetting Volvo S90 is one of the best examples seen so far.

This flagship saloon comes whole with 19 speakers, including 7 Nautilus tweeters, 7 mid-selection speakers, 4 woofers and a 250mm unusual air subwoofer that work in conjunction with a Bea D 12-channel amplifier.

The sound arrangement even offers three different modes that include been designed to recreate the acoustics of a exact room inside the car. Specially developed by resemble engineers and Dirac Research’s Swedish audio software professional, this unique room transformation technology includes ‘Studio’ habitat for dry, clear-cut listening, ‘Individual Stage’ that allows you to determine your own acoustics on the central display to design your own sound, and ‘Gothenburg Concert Amphitheatre’, which offers the same acoustic test heard in the renowned concert hall.

Trial a taster of this state-of-the-art sound structure for yourself right here.

When you sequence your 2016 Volvo S90, erect sure to specify the optional Bowers & Wilkins scant sound system, which can certainly catch you to another world through audio. Other features elbow on this advanced vehicle include four-bailiwick electronic climate control, Apple CarPlay, Digital Audio Broadcasting, Digital TV, HUD, Volvo’s Sensus seamanship system and Volvo On Call.


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