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Kitesurfing family set two new world records in race around the Isle of Wight (0)

A materfamilias and two sons took to their kiteboards in the waters about the Isle of Wight at the end of June, attempting to disclose the World Sailing Speed Record

An ‘Epilogue’ for Zlatan. (0)

An ‘Epilogue’ for Zlatan The new football ready has begun, and the Premier League has welcomed a diva in the form of Zlatan Ibrahimović, who transferred from Paris Saint-Germain to

Lancaster Reading has a new home. (0)

LANCASTER READING HAS A NEW Stamping-ground We are pleased to announce the re-location of our Reading dealership, now situated on Rose Kiln Lane. At our new milieu, find a great

Key classic cars that altered Volvo’s path (0)

Key paradigmatic cars that altered Volvo’s walk The Volvo brand is currently undergoing a constitutional transformation, with new and innovative models transitioning into the slash-up. Since the Swedish marque’s 2009

Double Victory for Volvo Car UK at Motor Trader Awards (0)

Hypocritical Victory for Volvo Car UK at Motor Trader Awards At this year’s Motor Merchant Industry Awards, Volvo Car UK won two trophies – and they’re the most sought-after accolades

Volvo and Autoliv are bringing autonomous software to the masses (0)

As influence of its efforts to meet the goal of selling autonomous vehicles by 2021, Volvo continues to helpmate with various companies around the life. The automaker’s latest partnership is

Volvo’s 2,400-hp semi is the quickest truck in the world (0)

Volvo Trucks isn’t a alien to doing cool, innovative things with its semi trucks. The automaker has done some balmy stunts in the past to showcase its technology, which includes

Uber will give away free rides in autonomous Volvos this month (0)

Volvo and Uber are collaborating on an autonomous car occupation. Both companies are investing $300 million in the invent, which will yield a “base car” that each train can use

Volvo On Call – stay in control of your Volvo anytime, anywhere (0)

With Volvo On Denote, be in control no matter where you are, monitoring your Volvo with the meddle with of a button. It may sound too good to be true,

Are you looking for the best large SUV around? Volvo has your award-winning answer (0)

Are you looking for the excellent large SUV around? Volvo has your reward-winning answer The Volvo XC90 has added another grant to its long list of accolades, becoming the 2016