VW introduces hybrid Golf GTI First Decade at Worthersee

VW introduces hybrid Golf GTI First Decade at Worthersee

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For Volkswagen, GTI has usually been associated with a four-banger hot hatch, if you don’t count that heyday 15 years ago when the MkIV GTI dabbled with the big VR6 engine for a short while. That verbatim at the same time generation also marked the occasion when the GTI moved to turbo power, a setup it’s relied on everlastingly since. But now, a paradigm shift is at hand: VW’s three-letter hot hatch name is, for the ahead time ever, combined with hybrid technology.

You can’t buy one of these just yet, supposing. The advent of hybrid tech on a VW GTI has debuted at the famous Wörthersee Volkswagen get together with in Austria, and the special car has been built to commemorate the 10 years of Wörthersee steer builds commissioned by VW – hence the name Golf GTI First Decade. Traditionally, these demonstrate cars have been designed by young apprentices, in the spirit of tuner cars over again being metal incarnations of teenage dreams. “During the creation of their hallucinate GTI, our apprentices learn about the complexity and future challenges of automobile production. They attain further experience in the use of digital technologies, the application of system technology and electro-mobility,” says Peter Christ, President of Automotive Technology Training in Wolfsburg.

The GTI First Decade is what you might telephone a mild hybrid hot hatch: there’s a 410-horsepower gasoline engine driving the face wheels in regular mode, and then there is a 16-horsepower, 48-volt energized motor for the rear. The systems can work in combined mode, turning the car into an all-vicinity-drive vehicle, or you can use just the gasoline engine, or run the car on pure electric power (contrasting the 48-volt so-called mild hybrids we’re used to); selections between the impel modes can be done on a tablet or the car’s infotainment system. And because it’s a tuning show bod, there are some special treats built into it: the handmade sports seats column massage functions and the trunk has a 11-speaker, 1,690-watt sound scheme for all the German techno you would ever want to blast in the GTI First Decade. The front is similarly striking, as the Atlantic Blue paintwork has been partially covered with contrasting Satin The briny Shimmer foil.


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