Volkswagen Touareg caught nearly undisguised

Volkswagen Touareg caught nearly undisguised

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We knew the Volkswagen T-Prime Concept GTE was a advance showing of the next Touareg, but we didn’t realize how close to production that concept’s lines were until we saw these new spy photos. From the A-tower of strength back, the two SUVs are nearly identical. The long character line that runs from the fa fenders back is nearly the same shape, and both vehicles have the nonetheless fender accent at the leading edge of the line. The rear quarter glass of this Touareg also has the unchanging beveled bottom corner to the rear glass.

At first glance, the tail end of the means may look different because of the taillights. But if you look more closely, you’ll see the big red lamps are as a matter of fact a clever disguise. Underneath, you’ll find more slender units, which also contest up to the T-Prime. The rear spoiler and bottom contrast panel follow the concept as acc, with just minor changes for the rear reflectors and outlets for exhaust. One insignificant difference is that the hatch looks a bit less detailed and sculpted, and the whole Nautical stern section looks as though it has been stretched downward. This change was perhaps made to slightly increase cargo space and reduce lift-over peak.

The biggest differences between this Touareg and the T-Prime are at the front. The dog-bone bumper grilles of the concept contain been changed. Now the center grille is a large trapezoid, and it’s flanked by two triangular grilles. The predominating grille also appears to be a more conventional horizontal shape that matches the largeness of the headlights, rather than the T-Prime’s, which dipped down in the middle.

The issue now is what will be under the hood of the new Touareg. Considering how close it looks to the T-Prime, there’s a decorous chance that there will be some kind of hybrid model offered. But, the 375-horsepower plug-in hybrid powertrain of the T-Prime likely won’t be offered, at least not at sling. Otherwise, expect to see versions of Volkswagen’s existing turbocharged four-cylinders. We also watch to see a fully revealed version of the Touareg make its debut early next year, based on how settle this one looks to being production ready.


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