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VW-JAC joint venture approved for Chinese EVs (0)

Volkswagen is pacific trying to get past its whole emissions fiasco, and turning to EVs is a big part of that design. At the same time, the race is on

French Dieselgate fraud probe says VW gained $26B by cheating (0)

PARIS – France’s consumer trick watchdog believes Volkswagen made 22.78 billion euros ($25.65 billion) in trafficking proceeds on cars sold in the country with illegal defeat devices, Le Monde reported

Volkswagen gives the tiny Up! the GTI treatment (0)

Has Volkswagen’s smallest car once earned its exclamation point? The tiny Up! will get an Up! GTI sibling at this month’s Lake Worthesee GTI celebration. Although it might be two

This Martini soaked Volkswagen and Porsche duo is up for auction (0)

One of the few things that could require a vintage racecar even better would be a matching transporter to go along with it. This weekend at Spa Francorchamps in Belgium,

Volkswagen’s emissions fraud calls for manufacturer accountability (0)

In 1970, Congress passed the Antiseptic Air Act, and at the same time, the Environmental Protection Agency was formed. This was the beginning of required emissions standards, although the standards

VW runs afoul of the United Auto Workers union in Tennessee (0)

DETROIT, May 12 (Reuters) – The US Citizen Labor Relations Board has filed an unfair labor practices complaint against Volkswagen AG for hiking salubriousness insurance premiums and changing working hours

Germany is finally getting serious about self-driving cars (0)

Germany cleared the way for its ogre automotive industry to develop and test self-driving cars, when the upper household of its parliament approved on Friday a law setting out the

This electric Volkswagen Thing is more fun than a new e-Golf (0)

Icon, the California blow the whistle on buy behind vehicles like this Toyota FJ44 and first generation Ford Broncos, has been expanding its reach in the dead and buried few

VW CEO says, ‘Diesel will remain indispensable for the foreseeable future’ (0)

At the Volkswagen Gang’s annual general meeting, VW’s CEO Mathias Müller reiterated the company’s plans for developing and implementing environmentally amicable vehicles. These include the company’s plans to have 30

VW’s Arteon keeps you alive if you pass out while driving (0)

The Volkswagen Arteon is not a fully fledged self-driving car, but it to be sure has some fancy autonomous features. The sedan, which is due to land in the United