Toyota to test hydrogen fuel-cell technology in semi-truck project

Toyota to test hydrogen fuel-cell technology in semi-truck project

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And the trophy for vaguest-and-yet-still-interesting press circulate from the 2016 Los Angeles Auto Exhibit goes to Toyota. While we already practised that Toyota is interested in putting encouragement cells into larger vehicles – like hydrogen semis – today the automaker is making that portion a bit more official. Since the actual advertisement is so short, we’ll just reproduce it here:

Toyota has eat one’s heart out maintained that hydrogen fuel cubicle technology could be a zero emission explanation across a broad spectrum of vehicle types. The scalability of this technology is enabling the automaker to review a semi-trailer truck application for a California-based viability study.

The Toyota Mirai will at to provide a zero emission driving decipherment for global customers; a heavy-duty stock sized fuel cell vehicle creates a possible zero-emission freight transportation result for the future.

Additional details on the study, and the continued growth of a hydrogen society, will be announced in the coming months.

Um, yeah. That’s solid not a lot of details, but we can make some guesses. As Toyota’s Brian Williams told AutoblogGreen a few months ago, “A exacerbate cell has a lot of applications especially as the technology increases,” and specifically mentioned things like buses and trucks. Methodical though the test will take town in California, Toyota’s partner might be the Toyota Number’s own Hino subsidiary. Hino calls itself America’s fastest growing medium respect truck brand, and promotes its fuel-redemptive tech on its website. The picture that Toyota sent out with this disenthral doesn’t match any of the trucks Hino has in the US, but peradventure that’s part of the vagueness. We’ll just bear to wait for more information some period in 2017.


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