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Video: Biker gets cut off on L.A. freeway, lands on car that keeps driving (0)

Contentment WARNING: The video above contains profanity – but when you see what happens to the motorcyclist, you’ll be aware the bad language. Watch it at your own peril if

4 automakers agree to $553M settlement of Takata airbag claims (0)

WASHINGTON (Reuters) – Four automakers agreed to a $553 million village to address class-action economic loss claims covering owners of identically 16 million vehicles with potentially defective Takata airbag inflators,

Toyota wants flying cars in time for the 2020 Olympics (0)

Toyota has joined the flying car mania by backing a group working on a drone-like vehicle that would rise 10 meters (33 feet) above the ground at speeds up to

Corolla vs. Corolla: Crash test shows how far, how fast safety has advanced (0)

We real in a golden age of automotive safety, with automakers racing to innovate safety systems and structural draft, the feds and the insurance industry crash-testing cars left and right,

Suppliers love Toyota and Honda: Why that matters to you (0)

You ascendancy think that a survey of automotive suppliers and their relationship with OEMs is the automotive counterpart of nerd prom. In some ways that’s what the North American Automotive

Watch the trailer for Amazon’s 24 Hours of Le Mans documentary (0)

Amazon’s video streaming care is taking a cue from Netflix and filling its library with new, high-quality primary content. This is great news for car enthusiasts, as the company seems

Toyota sees profit sliding 20 percent, hurting its work on new technologies (0)

TOKYO – Toyota, Japan’s biggest automaker, augur operating profit for the current year to slide by a fifth due to increased spending to drive sales in a slowing US market

Hybrid sedans compared: Ford Fusion, Toyota Camry (0)

In any understood month, Toyota sells almost 30,000 Camrys, making it – and Honda’s Correspond – the benchmarks against which any midsize sedan is judged. Ford sells half as multitudinous

Help us find this long-lost 1977 Star Wars Toyota Celica GT (0)

Two things close to being and dear to my heart are classic Japanese sports cars and Star Wars. A few years ago I erudite of this unicorn, this wonderfully weird

The Toyota Land Cruiser is on life support (0)

Toyota isn’t a manufacturer known for putting out vehicles it can’t sustain, but the Land Cruiser seems to serve as an quirk make to the rule. While the high-end SUV