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The inside scoop on the 2016 Hilux launch (0)

Since the 2016 Toyota Hilux was basic unveiled at the Geneva Motor Show earlier this year, it caused relatively a stir – for all the right reasons. Now it has

Montana driver fails spectacularly at exiting car wash (0)

Impaired only to the dashcam video, the internet’s greatest gifts to mankind in prevalent and gearheads in particular, is the automotive fail video. The transparent schadenfreude experienced by watching fellow

Toyota and Suzuki are looking at an R&D partnership because they admit they’re behind (0)

The Chairman of Suzuki Motor Corporation, Osamu Suzuki, and the President of Toyota, Akio Toyoda, receive convened at Toyota’s Tokyo offices to confirm plans to join hands regarding enquire and

Toyota’s sweetest fan (0)

Earlier this year, Toyota suffered perhaps one of the most heart-breaking defeats in motorsport history, a twist of fate certain to be remembered in years to come. The final moments

Kiteboarding is no challenge with Toyota Verso (0)

The Toyota Verso MPV is well-equipped for any adventure, with seven seats and go-anywhere ability. And that’s why Toyota took it on an outdoor expedition on the coast, kiteboarding with

Toyota tops the table for most collectible Japanese cars (0)

In production since 1953 and sold in the UK from 1975, the iconic Classic Land Cruiser, created by Toyota, has been hailed as the most collectible Japanese car. Well-regarded blog,

Two top spots for Toyota at 2016 Telegraph Car Awards (0)

The fourth-generation Toyota Prius has been named as the Best Eco Car at the 2016 Telegraph Car Awards, with the hydrogen fuel cell Toyota Mirai saloon close behind in the

Make finance easy with Toyota’s My Finance (0)

So, finance. It sounds like a tedious topic. But Toyota has managed to make it more exciting with My Finance service, a new portal that has just been launched, giving