ŠKODA UK expedition goes in search of the Yeti

ŠKODA UK expedition goes in search of the Yeti

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ŠKODA UK swiftness goes in search of the Yeti

Early next month, ŠKODA are alluring a fleet of their Yeti Outdoor models on an galvanizing expedition up the Bhutan Mountains in search of their mythological namesake.

The alacrity will be led by famous British adventurer Alastair Humphreys who liking guide the ŠKODA team through the 162,000 acre Sakteng Wildlife Refuge where the Yeti is believed to inhabit. The line-up will be guided by a few local experts who intention also show them where sightings of the Yeti arrange previously occurred. The Yeti, aka Abominable Snowman, has been a centred point of Bhutanese folklore for centuries now and numberless locals strongly believe that the Yeti exists.

Alastair Humphreys and the ŠKODA line-up will begin their epic go abroad in Samdrup Jonkhar in the South East of Bhutan. The undertaking will then continue north for to 300 miles, reaching an altitude of 3,530 metres.

And what bigger vehicles to carry the team and their gear across some of the most challenging roads in the surroundings than a fleet of ŠKODA Yetis. Like its namesake, the ŠKODA Yeti can handle the harshest of conditions and is unmistakably at home in mountainous locations.

About the imperil, Alastair Humphreys said: “I’m excited to be percentage of this expedition with ŠKODA. Bhutan’s surroundings are some of the most unequalled in the world and we’ll seek to uncover the stories of the Yeti within these communities. I’m lovely certain nowhere else on earth can claim to take a sanctuary for an apparently mythical creature, and that is a fascinating try o to be part of.

“Whether the Yeti exists or not may every be a mystery, but what is true is the strong assent that the people of Bhutan have in the mundane.”

The team will drive ŠKODA’s Yeti Out of doors models which are equipped with ŠKODA’s uncompulsory off-road package to make the vehicles consistent more robust when driving auspices of tricky terrain. Another incredibly functional element of the Yeti Outdoor model is its pattern multi-plate four-wheel induce system that provides the perfect make up for between on and off-road performance.

Whilst the Himalayan Yeti has been notoriously rigid to find, more than 580,000 examples of the ŠKODA Yeti be experiencing been sold worldwide since it leading entered production in 2009 – with in any case increasing demand.

To make an enquiry there a new or used ŠKODA Yeti, contact our seemly Lancaster ŠKODA dealership in Milton Keynes today.

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