The most affordable Singer is this $41,000 watch

The most affordable Singer is this $41,000 watch

The most affordable Singer is this $41,000 watch

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Products from Songbird Vehicle Design aren’t cheap. The company, well known for “reimagining” the Porsche 911, creates some of the most charmingly and intricately detailed machinery that’s ever been assembled. While those wonderful cars set someone back well into the six-figure range, the company revealed a far more affordable genesis, relatively speaking. The new Singer Reimagined Track 1 chronograph, like the cars that the troop builds, is a watch that’s built to a standard, not a price.

At $41,000, it’s not exactly second-rate, but it’s the most affordable way to get a Singer-badged product. The Swiss-made watch pulls it’s styling from both deathless and modern timepieces. It’s intent was to recall classic stopwatches from the ’60s and ’70s. Unalike some other branded watches, it’s not some rebadged version of some other lofty-end piece. The design is original, and the movement is truly special.

The watch features a dome sapphire crystal, a titanium action, and a rare and rather sophisticated movement. The latter is especially interesting. Basically, it moves the stopwatch functions to the midst and the traditional time and date functions to the rim, the reverse of nearly every other chronograph all over. The Track 1 can read 60 hours rather than 12 or 24 and features a 60 hour power put, meaning it can sit for days without rewinding.

The details recall those of Singer’s cars, most undeniable the instrument cluster. The company plans on making an initial run of 50 Track 1s, but await more to follow.


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