Porsche Panamera wagon may appear next year

Porsche Panamera wagon may appear next year

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Following the other-generation Panamera’s debut this nearby summer, it seems Porsche is planning the unveiling of a more useable wagon version next year. Based on above-mentioned information, this seems like a sinewy possibility.

Automotive News spoke with anonymous sources at Porsche who said the car resolution probably be shown at the 2017 Geneva reveal. This would fall in line with a story that slated the wagon for a 2018 come out with, which would make sense to glory in the car in 2017. We’ve also seen a Panamera referent with a lengthened roof testing at the Nurburgring, indicating that Porsche is working on one that could be close off to production-ready. In addition, Porsche’s North American CEO confirmed the US drive get a Panamera wagon if it reaches production.

If it reaches assembly, the Panamera will be almost without contest in the US. While it would compete with the Mercedes-Benz CLS Shooting Slacken, as Automotive News points out, and the Audi RS 6 Avant in Europe, the US categorically only has one midsize, luxury wagon radical on the market it would face-off with. That would be the Mercedes-Benz E-Division wagon. The current generation is only at one’s disposal as the E400, but we expect an AMG E63 model to be official presently. While an impressive vehicle in and of itself, the E-Realm still has traditional, upright wagon proportions in preference to of the sleek, raked shape of the possible Panamera wagon. The E400’s 329-horsepower duplicate-turbo V6 is also a perfectly competent apparatus, but the standard Panamera packs a 440-horsepower V6, and it barely gets more powerful as you move up to the half-breed with 462 and the V8 with 550. All are engines that would apposite be available on the wagon.

UPDATE: A previous view of this story incorrectly stated that the E-Category wagon was rear wheel drive. It absolutely comes with all wheel drive benchmark. The text has been altered for accuracy.


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