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The most affordable Singer is this $41,000 watch (0)

Products from Songbird Vehicle Design aren’t cheap. The company, well known for “reimagining” the Porsche 911, creates some of the most charmingly and intricately detailed machinery that’s ever been assembled.

Porsche’s most powerful 911 Turbo S is a 500-unit limited edition (0)

In loyal Porsche tradition, the company has developed yet another variant of its 911 Turbo edge, and unsurprisingly, it’s a very limited edition model. The new 911 Turbo S Exclusive

Porsche 911 GT2 RS gets water injection, makes more than 641 horsepower (0)

The 997-era Porsche 911 GT2 was a sort of mashup between the track-ready 911 GT3 and the softer, more satisfied, and more powerful 911 Turbo. The RS model remains one

Porsche accused of using steering inputs to cheat on emissions tests (0)

Finish finally week, the German transport authority KBA announced it was investigating Porsche and Audi for cheating on emissions tests. Wirtschaftswoche, a German money-making publication, says the KBA’s investigation focuses

RM Sotheby’s sells 911 RSR for over $2M, 918 for over $1.5M (0)

In the show the way-up to RM Sotheby’s Villa Erba sale, the auction house revealed it had some melodious amazing machines lined up. Among them was a 1993 Porsche 993

‘We’re not a hedge fund’: Porsche plans to curtail speculators and flippers (0)

A sizable few of speculators view cars as an investment. Rare or unusual models are quickly snapped up and either parked for years or flipped for a profit. Cars from

Trump calls Germans ‘very bad,’ vows to stop their car sales in US (0)

TAORMINA, Italy -Talks between President Trump and other leaders of the mankind’s rich nations at the G7 summit on Friday were expected to be “robust” and “challenging” after he had

What’s the deal with comedians and their cars? (0)

‘Globate about the time in his life when it should happen for all of us, Jerry Seinfeld’s set sail came in with a force that almost split the dock. He’d

Forza Championship winner to stand on podium at Le Mans (0)

Competitive gaming has been everywhere for decades, and as video games become as pervasive in our culture as any other form of media or meet, talented players are garnering more

This Martini soaked Volkswagen and Porsche duo is up for auction (0)

One of the few things that could mould a vintage racecar even better would be a matching transporter to go along with it. This weekend at Spa Francorchamps in Belgium,