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Porsche Clarifies Status of the Electric 911 (0)

Rumors of an electrified Porsche 911 possess been circulating for months —  and were eventually confirmed when CEO Oliver Blume claimed the coming plug-in would be the “most powerful” version of

RS6 Probably Won’t Get 700 HP Hybrid Drivetrain (0)

Rumors suffer with been swirling about a pair of drivetrains slated for two of Audi Sport’s biggest models. The RS6 and RS7 were expected to get an machine in the

This Immaculate Lamborghini Diablo GT is Crossing the Auction Block (0)

You’ll be suffering with a real hard time finding a Lamborghini Diablo GT that’s in better working order than this one. With barely 172 miles (276 kilometers) on the odometer,

Aaaaaaaaaand Audi Denies that the V6 R8 Exists (0)

“There is no V6 planned for the R8,” or at least that’s what an Audi spokesperson told Track & Track earlier this week. The assertion is in direct contrast to

Audi Has Already Made 50 R8 GT4s (0)

It seems that Audi has something of a hit on its hands and they’ve been churning out examples of the R8 GT4 competition car with startling pace. Only a year

Rumor: Audi to Show V6 R8 in New York (0)

We’ve wish heard rumors that Audi had aspirations of fitting the R8 with a forced-induction V6, but it looks like it muscle be more than just a plan now. With

Audi Abandons W12 Engine, New A8 Will Be Its Last Hurrah (0)

Audi resolution continue offering a big W12 engine as an option on the 2019 A8, but it also confirmed the current times will serve as the motor’s swan song. Afterward,

Di Grassi Earns First Podium in Intense Urugayan E-Prix (0)

The Audi’s when all is said performing in Formula E as defending champion Lucas di Grassi set blistering lap time after blistering lap opportunity in Urugay this weekend to earn

Audi Will Unveil the Q8 in June (0)

We’ve heard a lot hither the new Q8 over the last couple of months, but now we finally know when we’ll get to see it. That’s because Audi announced at

Electric Audi E-Tron GT Shown Ahead of 2020 Arrival (0)

A block out sketch for the electric Audi e-tron GT has been released by the German automaker ahead of its arrival in 2020. The e-tron GT thinks be a “highly dynamic” electric