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Watch: The RS4 Avant is the Perfect All Rounder (0)

Although the new RS4 Avant was strong-minded to be too “niche” to exist in America, that doesn’t stop us from wanting to understand all about it. Yes, like Bella in

Watch: Scott Keogh’s Outlook for Audi in 2018 (0)

Audi of America’s president Scott Keogh took to the hot backside on Bloomberg TV Markets and Finance to answer a few questions about the year that was and the year

VW Group Announces Partnership with Autonomous Tech Gurus, Aurora (0)

If, in the not-so-off future, you’re riding in an autonomous Volkswagen Group vehicle, you’ll include Aurora Innovations to thank. That’s because today, the two firms announced a crucial collaboration to

Audi Recalls 2018 A5 Coupes Over Airbag Issue (0)

Clumsily 8,000 A5s are being recalled in America due to issue that could prevent curtain airbags from deploying correctly in a boom. The cars, all 2018 models, were built with

Audi Set One Big Sales Record and 12 Littler Ones in 2017 (0)

It shouldn’t go about a find as a surprise given the clockwork headlines of monthly sales records, but Audi of America outdid itself in 2017, stage set a new annual

Oregon Really Doesn’t Want to Pump its Own Gas (0)

A new law took drift in Oregon on Monday and it’s causing a hilarious freakout in America’s certain state. In a state where full-service gas stations have been the single

Audi Kinda Wants a 2-Door A8, but Prolly Can’t (0)

Okay, it’s the new year and not much has happened yet. So here’s a story of minor interest: Marc Lichte, Audi’s sketch out boss, has told Autocar that he likes

Audi Again Promises to End Copy-Paste Design (0)

A single time finally accused of simply copying its own designs at different scales, Audi’s high-ups are hopeful to put an end to the Russian nesting doll design philosophy. “We

Report: This R8 Will be the Last R8 (0)

With sales of Audi’s mandorla supercar slowing and the buzz of electrification in the air, it seems the future of the R8 has come under new threat. A new report

330,000 Audis Recalled in Europe, 52,000 in America for Fire Risk (0)

Audi is recalling A4, A5, A5 Cabriolet, and Q5s built between April 2011 and May 2015 in Europe and another 52,000 in America due to a twosome of issues that