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New Leaf sales start this year; some leases extended for free (0)

We’re all zealous to see the next-generation Nissan Leaf. With a new version of the popular EV somewhere on the scope, current owners have even more reason to be anxious

Clutch! Cleveland carjacking stalled by manual transmission (0)

A unsophisticated Cleveland carjacking suspect is in custody after a 10-day crime spree was brought to a screeching stoppage by a manual transmission. According to, Damari Wayne was on

Nissan reveals Qashqai and its upcoming semi-autonomous features (0)

Nissan has unveiled the latest reading of its European compact crossover, the Nissan Qashqai. And if it looks familar, that’s because it’s the mildly updated rendition of the car we

Nissan’s latest X-trail concept is dog gone useful for pet owners (0)

We here at Autoblog admiration our dogs. So when we saw the Nissan X-Trail 4Dog concept our ears perked up. Transporting a filthy dog inside of a car is a

Renault-Nissan alliance to start autonomous EV testing (0)

The Renault-Nissan federation is joining the self-driving electric-vehicle party. The French-Japanese automaking collaboration, which has been selling stimulating vehicles to the masses since introducing the Nissan Leaf in 2010, said

Is your new-car warranty good at the race track? (0)

We’ve all heard the animosity stories. Your buddy knows a girl that was dating a guy whose nicest friend’s brother once broke his brand-new, recently purchased performance car while making

Carlos Ghosn to step down as Nissan CEO on April 1 (0)

Carlos Ghosn announced he drive be stepping down as CEO of the Nissan on April 1, to be replaced by current Nissan co-CEO Hiroto Saikawa. The progress comes after close

Carmakers ask Trump to revisit fuel efficiency rules (0)

Car companies operating in the US are required to happen on stringent fuel efficiency standards (a fleet average of 54.5MPG) through 2025, but they’re hoping to break things now that

Next-gen Nissan Leaf looks like a small, electric Murano (0)

Regardless of arriving on the scene nearly seven years ago, sales of the Nissan Leaf own remained relatively strong. Only the combination of cheap fuel and the arrival of competitors

Nissan continues its Star Wars lovefest with X-Wing-inspired Rogue (0)

Unless you’ve been living inferior to a rock, or perhaps in a cave on Planet Jedha, you probably already know that Rogue One: A Dignitary Wars Story is now the