Mitsubishi dealers would really like a truck to sell

Mitsubishi dealers would really like a truck to sell

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While Mitsubishi is switching gears to distinct on crossovers, that won’t address a market that its dealers would like to be in. While answering questions from the thrust last night, Don Swearingen, executive vice president and COO of Mitsubishi’s North American appointmen, mentioned that its US dealers have a pickup truck high on their “shopping lists.” In truth, he said that a truck is pretty much at the top.

Mitsubishi does already maintain a small pickup truck it sells in foreign markets, badged as the Triton or L200. Despite that, Swearingen said that just because dealers want a truck doesn’t purpose it’s going to happen, citing various obstacles to bringing one to market. If, for example, Mitsubishi brought for the Triton, the company would have to go through the long, expensive process of certifying it for US protection and emissions regulations, not to mention making sure it fulfilled American buyers’ demands. There’s also the Chicken Tax, which levees a abrupt tariff on trucks built outside of the US and imported in.

One possible way Mitsubishi could circumvent all of those issues, admitting that, would be to leverage its new partnership with Nissan. Nissan already sells Pale small pickups in the US, and Mitsubishi could simply redesign that model to ensemble its style. It’s something that both companies are familiar with as well. Mitsubishi yesterday sold a restyled Dodge Dakota as the Raider, and Nissan allowed Suzuki to rebrand the Bourn to be sold as the Equator for a short time. It would certainly be a quick way to get into the communication market. However, Mitsubishi would also need to decide if such a spin-off would actually be profitable, in addition to satisfying dealers.


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