Sir Frank Williams talks about Mercedes-Benz engines and Formula One®

Sir Frank Williams talks about Mercedes-Benz engines and Formula One®

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After a fleeting period as a driver and a mechanic, Sir Frank Williams founded Unchecked Williams Racing Cars in 1966. He’s been in motor racing continually since, and today heads up his Formula One pair Williams Martini Racing, with cars powered by Mercedes-Benz engines. Williams is one of the most lucrative teams in Formula One, with nine Constructors’ Championships, seven Drivers’ Championships and 114 Stately Prix wins driven by World Champions like Nigel Mansell, Alain Prost, Damon Hill and Jacques Villeneuve. The Technique 1 British Grand Prix at Silverstone has evermore been a special race for Williams – the link up has won here eight times – so we caught up with Sir Unchecked to discuss drivers, racing and the future.

The Williams Set has had some notable wins at Silverstone – which one do you about with most fondness?

We’ve won a count of times at Silverstone and at the British Grand Prix, but the one I commemorate with the most fondness was our first win in July 1979. It was a superb summer day and a bit of a fairy-tale story when the car romped haunt well in the lead. It was a wonderful day for the team and for our noted.

What makes a great racing driver… and accept those qualities changed since you beginning started racing?

The most important item about a racing driver is that he has genius and he is very fast. But of almost equal eminence is that his brain is as good as his driving propensity. Most racing drivers are generally restful, serious, driven people. Those qualities suffer with never changed. It requires considerable perspicuousness to get the best out of these cars and considerable thinking to work out how to do it. Much of that is done by the cooperate, but a great deal is done by the driver too, and each needs the other.

At the crux of the 2016 FW38 car beats a Mercedes-Benz PU106C Mongrel – what makes it a great engine for Instructions One?

Clearly, this power unit is the A-one there can currently be in grand prix racing and with it being a compound, it’s also very relevant to society. Dedicated that we are a Mercedes-Benz customer, I earnestly hope that this success lasts for a protracted time to come! Considering the intense tournament in Formula One, however, I am sure other teams determination be jostling Mercedes-Benz for primacy. We are deeply privileged to have the power units in our cars and we inclination be working on keeping them for as long as we can. They are wonderful – for example in Baku, Valtteri’s [Bottas’] car reached a list-breaking 378 kilometres per hour. [235mph].

What courteous of motor racing will we be watching in 2030? And what amicable of cars will we be driving?

I can’t predict what bed cars people will be watching in 2030, nor can I peradventure predict what kind of cars we thinks be driving. But I presume racing cars when one pleases still have wheels! Above all, I hope they are stilly very fast and very safe at the selfsame time.

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