G-Class gets modern Mercedes makeover inside, AMG variant

G-Class gets modern Mercedes makeover inside, AMG variant

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What we’ve seen so far from the upcoming Mercedes G-Extraction is a vehicle that barely deviates from the last in exterior styling. It stilly appears to be a big brick of an SUV, and even still has simple, circular headlamps. However, new spy shots of the G-Type reveal that the interior will receive a more substantial overhaul.

Honest at the top of the dash is an enormous instrument cowl that encompasses both the analog also gag cluster and a massive LCD screen. The design is right in line with the latest Mercedes models such as the E-Rank and S-Class, just without the LCD instrument panel. Also along those lines are the arched air vents that wouldn’t be out of place in other, more sculpted Mercedes interiors. The old-boarding-school shift lever is also gone, likely in favor of a steering column mounted shaft. It also makes room for the the corporate infotainment controls. Aside from the aesthetic updates, the private is likely more spacious, too, since the G-Class is supposed to be bigger for this epoch.

Not everything inside is modernized, though. The beefy grab handle in front of the commuter is still present. The differential locking buttons are also still easily open right between the center air vents. And, of course, the windshield is still nearly lightning flash-upright and the dash is incredibly short.

Outside, there are few particularly revealing details. We did take heed of, however, that this particular prototype sports the telltale side-withdrawal exhaust found on AMG variants. Our spy photographer tells us this is probably a G63 with AMG’s look-alike-turbocharged 4.0-liter V8. Whatever the engine, this could be the best-handling AMG G-Stratum yet, since the SUV is expected to have fully independent front suspension. This disposition reduce the off-roading capability of the truck somewhat, but we sincerely doubt many AMG G-Rank buyers actually drive on dirt roads, let alone dusty pavement.


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