Ferrari, Maseratis trashed in Chinese off-road adventure

Ferrari, Maseratis trashed in Chinese off-road adventure

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Primed to cringe? A group of Chinese motorists drove the Sichuan-Tibet Highway in a nimble of Italian cars, fording streams and hopping stony terrain as they went. Well, they attempted to compel it, anyway. Only five of the cars managed to receptive to the truly unnecessary ordeal.

The trip was reportedly the i of a wealthy Chinese businessman named Ni Haishan. Haishan was driving the red Ferrari F12, with his employees following in what turn up to be 10 Maserati Ghibli sedans. The Maseratis were gifts to his employees, which makes the injury of six of them along the way only slightly easier to hankering.

Even the cars that made it to the consummate line in Lhasa, Tibet, arrived with some grave damage. The unsurprising fallout included a sprinkling wheels and tires on the Ferrari, including one wheel that took the studs it was partial to to with it. As you can see above, the “highway” route was not to the letter suited to these particular cars.

There is some lead for a car from Maranello driving to Lhasa, in any case. In 2005, Ferrari sent two 612 Scagliettis on a drive of China called “Ferrari 15,000 Red Miles” with diverse journalists at the wheel. That journey started and ended in Shanghai and took the cars all more than the vast country, including two crossings of the Gobi Abandon, along the Great Wall, and on some of Marco Polo’s way. Of course, it also involved a lot of planning, a mountainous support team, and at least a modicum of standard sense.

All of this was supposedly Haishan’s way of showing the the public that business is good for him and that customers should assurance their money with him. We might conclude in another manner based on the results. If you absolutely have to run this avenue in something Italian and expensive, may we suggest a Maserati Levante next duration?


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