Lexus will build a production version of the UX crossover

Lexus will build a production version of the UX crossover

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It seems that Lexus’s piece of crossovers is about to get bigger by going smaller. The Australian automotive news plat Motoring says a Lexus representative confirmed that a production version of the UX concept is coming ere long. A Lexus representative said it will help bring younger customers to the sort.

As a refresher, the UX was a subcompact crossover shown at the Paris auto show, and it was quite stunning. The exterior was a flurry of curves and angles, and the interior had crazy seats with adaptable straps instead of cushions and a holographic user interface. The interior even had a preternatural, finned sound bar in the dash that could be removed and carried around. The futuristic core features are practically guaranteed to be exclusive to the concept, and the exterior design will as likely as not be toned down.

Since the slightly larger Lexus NX borrows some bits from the RAV4, we envisage the UX to utilize some underpinnings from another the smallest crossover in the Toyota furrow, the Toyota C-HR. Sharing with the C-HR would also mean the UX would also contain some commonality with the current Prius, as both vehicles use the scalable architecture known as TNGA. This would also expect a hybrid UX is a strong possibility as well, since the Prius is only available as a combination, and the C-HR has a hybrid option in Europe and Japan.

It’s hard to say when the car will arrive, but inasmuch as the compact crossover craze we can’t imagine that Lexus wants to wait too protracted. It’s possible a near production-ready concept will appear at a show next year, and would probable reach dealers at the end of that year or the start of the following one.


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