1 in 7 Americans say they might buy an EV next, as sales of electrics surge

1 in 7 Americans say they might buy an EV next, as sales of electrics surge

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Hither one in seven driving Americans may likely purchase an electric vehicle as their next car, according to an AAA voting, meaning that as many as 30 million Americans may pony up for an EV within the next three to five years. While some of the motivation is environmental, contemplate recipients say that lower maintenance expenses and solo access to high-occupancy-carrier lanes are also among the factors behind potentially going electric. Gain possession of a look at the AAA press release on the study here.

The poll indicates that hither as many people are planning to buy an EV for their next car as are looking to buy a pickup, which is stimulating given that the best-selling US vehicle is the Ford F-150. And things should solely improve, as about 20 percent of millennials polled said that their next car would all things considered be an EV.

The results are all the more encouraging, at least among green-car advocates, because gas prices arrange fallen about 40 percent within the past five years, connotation that there’s less of an incentive to go electric from a purely economic outlook. Through the first quarter of this year, US plug-in vehicle sales were up roughly 63 percent from a year earlier to about 39,000 vehicles.

Meantime, when it came to AAA’s annual green-vehicle awards for this year, Tesla’s Paragon S and Model X took the large car and SUV categories, respectively, while the Chevrolet Bolt and Volkswagen e-Golf were listed atop the subcompact and consolidated lists. The Lexus GS 450f hybrid and the Ford F-150 took home AAA’s unexcelled green vehicle in the midsize and pickup truck categories.


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