Supermini of the Year 2017: SEAT Ibiza

Supermini of the Year 2017: SEAT Ibiza

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The Buttocks Ibiza is the 2017 Auto Express Supermini of the Year, with the Citroen C3 and Skoda Fabia commended

Chair has knocked sister firm Volkswagen off the top spot in the supermini sector for 2017. The all-new Ibiza is the beginning supermini from any VW Group brand to use the automotive giant’s full-on MQB underpinnings – and to mammoth effect, because the car offers impressive ride quality and refinement, decent practicality, a preference of efficient engines and sharp styling.

Scaling down the design that made the larger Leon so well-heeled has worked in the Ibiza’s favour; SEAT has delivered a striking supermini statement. But there is so much more to the car than satisfac looks.

Under the bonnet is a new 1.0-litre three-cylinder turbocharged petrol locomotive, available with either 94bhp or 113bhp. We’d go for the 94bhp version because it offers more than adequacy performance to cope with the relatively lightweight chassis.

Refinement is also adequate, with the motor pulling smoothly in the mid-range without making much of a trickery. Thanks to that relatively low weight, the 1.0 also delivers competitive race costs for the class, with best figures of 60.1mpg and 106g/km of CO2.

If you need more oomph, a sportier 148bhp 1.5-litre TSI EVO apparatus is available; this still delivers decent economy thanks to smart cylinder-deactivation tech.

Regardless, it’s the Ibiza’s grown-up qualities that impress the most. This is the most broad car in its class, helped by its 355-litre boot.

The new underpinnings deliver a composed and contented in, with what body movement you do feel softened nicely by the dampers, making it usable for scarred urban roads and on longer motorway trips.

On top of this, the glossy eight-inch infotainment technique moves things on another step in the class. SEAT offers Apple CarPlay and Android Auto, which means there’s toy call for built-in sat-nav. And when you’ve got a great set-up like this in the centre of the run, it makes the Ibiza’s slightly firm plastics easy to forgive. 

Our choice 

Centre Ibiza 1.0 TSI 95 SE (£14,595)

The 1.0 TSI 95 is the sweet spot in the new Ibiza stretch, with the willing engine matched by a lovely manual gearshift. We’d spend the premium £150 on SEAT’s Full Link system to get CarPlay and Android Auto, but with Bluetooth, air-con and crisis braking, there’s enough standard kit to go with the Ibiza’s refinement and practicality


Citroen C3 

With its idiosyncratic design, the new Citroen C3 is a breath of fresh air in the supermini sector. It doesn’t ride or command quite as well as the Ibiza, but a funky interior and plenty of tech on higher-spec models note, together with its frugal turbo petrol powertrains, the C3 earns a worthy commendation in this order. 

Skoda Fabia

In a sector where a car has to offer practicality at an affordable price, asset lots of equipment and frugal performance, the Skoda Fabia is still hard to pass up. With the same 1.0 TSI unit arriving as in the Ibiza, the Fabia keeps itself at the quick end thanks to an attractive blend of attributes a competitive supermini needs.

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