Sandblaster: New Peugeot 3008 DKR gears up for 2017 Dakar rally

Sandblaster: New Peugeot 3008 DKR gears up for 2017 Dakar rally

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Game is said to improve the breed; Peugeot is fascinating that to the extreme with its 3008-based Dakar meet entry

The 3008’s drastic makeover is set to add some bewitchment to Peugeot dealers across the country, but its mutation extends beyond your local forecourt. Peugeot Play has applied the new SUV’s winning recipe to its 2017 Dakar mass meeting raider: the 3008 DKR.

We first saw the 3008 DKR at the 2016 Paris Motor Reveal alongside its conventional counterpart, but the pictures over show how it will look with its ceremonious livery when it’s rocketing across 9,000km of surly South American terrain in the Dakar meet.

You certainly won’t miss the impressive red, yellow and blue colour scheme, courtliness of Peugeot’s racing partners Total, Red Bull, Sparco and BFGoodrich, but all of that is draped in a body that carries across as much of the example 3008 SUV’s striking design as possible. Sebastien Criquet, superior exterior designer and the man who penned the 3008’s agile look, says that the DKR is “the most last version” of the latest SUV.

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Once we get into technical details, it’s worth pointing out that the new 3008 DKR has some big shoes to answer; Peugeot dominated the 2016 Dakar depredate with its 2008 DKR, with nine juncture wins from the likes of Sebastien Loeb, Carlos Sainz and Stephane Peterhansel. In reality, the 2008’s overall victory was the first for a two-turn-drive car in 15 years.

The new desert raider uses a 3.0-litre yoke-turbodiesel V6 producing 340bhp and 800Nm of torque – enough to look after that lightweight carbon fibre chassis hurtling close to its 124mph top speed. A new restrictor on the engine as participation of 2017 Dakar regulations means it’s everywhere 20bhp down on the 2008 DKR, but maximum power kicks in earlier and could signify that the 3008 DKR is even faster where it matters than its forefather. 

It also sticks with two-wheel manoeuvre; Peugeot wants to prove 2016’s win wasn’t a windfall, and that you don’t need four driven wheels to sheave some of the planet’s most inhospitable climates.

Another essential tweak is to the suspension. Without a state-of-the-art set-up, the 3008 DKR inclination be left floundering on the leaderboard, so its geometry and dampers from been refined and a test programme irresistible in the gruelling 15-day Silk Way Rally should e the car can tackle the worst of the Dakar. 

Reliability and driveability have also been worked on. “Our target was to take the weaker points of the existing car and manufacture them stronger,” said Peugeot Gambol’s team director Bruno Famin, “capitalising on all the existing strengths to update them still further.”

Peugeot Divertissement engineers strengthened and refined the chassis and first-class-tuned the electrical systems to make unfaltering the DKR monster remains infallible on any terrain. The air-con has had an pass, as it must cool drivers for up to 12 hours as temperatures casing pass 60 degrees Celsius.

For 2017, the outcome twists through Argentina, Bolivia and Paraguay. Peugeot is eyeing its sixth Dakar win, and the 3008 DKR is a meet bet for glory.

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