Rolls-Royce Project Cullinan SUV: First images

Rolls-Royce Project Cullinan SUV: First images

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Foremost official pictures of Project Cullinan dressed as an SUV revealed, forwards of public testing phase

Rolls-Royce has issued another update on the improvement of its upcoming SUV, revealing the Project Cullinan mule wearing an SUV core for the first time. The Rolls-Royce Cullinan is undergoing closing testing before it goes on sale in 2018. 

The new photographs line a key milestone in the car’s development – all of our previous glimpses at Rolls’ ultra swank 4×4 have all been of the car wearing a Phantom shaped disguise, less than the taller, more imposing car teased here.

The pictures possess been released to mark the beginning of pubic testing. From tomorrow, Rolls inclination develop its SUV on public roads, so expect lavishness of spy shots revealing the car in greater detail immediately.

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Just after Christmas this advance mule will travel north to clutch part in cold weather testing in the Arctic Surround. At the opposite end of the scale, it’ll be also tested in notable heat, travelling to the Middle East later on in 2017. 

Dubbed ‘programme Cullinan’ and likely to use that name for origination, this is the British luxury brand’s earliest high-riding model. In its press unchain Rolls-Royce says that the Cullinan is officially set to be “assessed on accessible roads in various locations around the crowd”. The testing phase will protect the SUV still “delivers Rolls-Royce’s trademark ‘demonolatry-carpet’ ride on a variety of surfaces and that it is resilient to worst weather conditions”.

Rolls-Royce confirmed growth of an all-new aluminium architecture for the Cullinan earlier this year. The new principles will also eventually be used for a next-initiation Phantom, and the announcement that production of the popular model has stopped confirms this. An all-new discontinuing system is being primed for the production Cullinan too, alongside the all-position-drive system.  

Speaking to Auto Tell at the 2015 Frankfurt Motor Show, Rolls-Royce boss Torsten Muller-Otvos revealed that the upcoming Rolls-Royce SUV would be launched in the first half of 2018.

He was dauntless about the progress being made on developing the sort’s first high-riding SUV model, although he prefers to invite it an all terrain vehicle. 

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He also hinted that the newcomer wishes be called Cullinan, currently only the codename of the car – it was named after the the public’s largest rough diamond. Asked if Rolls puissance adopt the name, Muller-Otvos smiled and said: “I amity the name.”

And in a supervise dig at Bentley, which is describing its new Bentayga as the “first SUV in the world”, he added: “The Bentley SUV is distinctly the number two; Rolls-Royce is the best in the people and will be when our model arrives. We wishes bring a great new car, and an authentic Rolls-Royce into the exchange.”

If the Bentayga’s initial success is anything to go by, there’s no scruple this could be the strongest-selling Rolls-Royce in late years, if not ever. But don’t expect the brand to take up a mass-market pricing strategy: this is hushed very much a bespoke, hand-made car and the figure will definitely reflect that.  

What do you reckon of Rolls Royce’s foray into the SUV supermarket? Let us know below.


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