Rinspeed Oasis concept unveiled with future tech and a Bonsai garden

Rinspeed Oasis concept unveiled with future tech and a Bonsai garden

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Rinspeed's self-driving concept car for CES 2017 features a mini garden plot and a huge 5K display

Innovative Swiss carmaker Rinspeed has released new pictures and details of its showpiece for January’s 2017 Consumer Electronics Demonstrate.

Called the Oasis, it’s an autonomous two-seater municipality car that can rotate on the spot, and is designed with a parlour-like cabin so occupants have lavishness to get up to while the car ferries them around the municipality.

Perhaps the most eye-catching interior post is the small garden plot at the front, nestled underneath the windscreen. There’s adequacy room to grow small vegetables, herbs, and true level bonsai trees.

Rinspeed Oasis concept car on video 

To another place, the seats in the cabin take the form of armchairs, and a immense 5K display with voice and gesture controls curves thither the top of the dashboard. Personal assistant software, common media integration and car sharing are also touted heavily.

The Refuge is a self-driving car, but there is a steering neighbourhood. It can transform into a small round vocation surface with a keyboard if needs be, and it is reasonable for a driver to take control of the car – but only after fleeting an automatically administered road fitness and alertness probe.

As for the huge windscreen, it serves as a giant present for virtual and augmented reality information. There’s a giant glass area and a solar panel on the roof, while core a temperature controlled drawer is ideal for delivering victuals. 

It’s the latest in a long line of eye-catching concept cars by Rinspeed, and we’ll see it for the essential time and get even more information in January. 

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