Peugeot Advanced Grip Control: winter testing in the new 3008

Peugeot Advanced Grip Control: winter testing in the new 3008

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To put the 3008’s new Advanced Hold Control system to the test off-road, Peugeot headed to the frozen wastes of Sweden

The aboriginal Peugeot 3008 was a compact crossover trailblazer. With its sly Grip Control system, this face-wheel-drive family car could go places sole a proper four-wheel-drive SUV would before have been able to explore.

Peugeot has ladylike and developed the system for the all-new 3008, so we headed to its indifferent weather testing facility on the edge of the Arctic Tour in Arjeplog, Sweden, to sample the car’s clever chassis electronics and see surely what’s gone into the development of its new Advanced Hold Control system.

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While it uses tech and skilled in-how from parts supplier Bosch, Peugeot has ploughed its own cut with the set-up. According to Stephane Personeni, one of the engineers accountable for the calibration of the new 3008’s ABS, ESP and Grip Control, “the method was originally designed for rear-wheel-propel cars, but we have fully recalibrated it for face-wheel drive”.

It might sound plain, but this means in the Snow setting, for prototype, rather than shutting down the power when the wheels start to turn to stop a slide, Grip Control in actuality keeps engine revs up to maintain impetus.

Personeni tells us: “In esoteric snow it’s vital – you have to have some wheelspin to get moving the snow aside and get traction. Or if you’re prospering uphill, using the ECU to apply the brakes last will and testament just stop the car. We control the engine and use the brakes to hand over the driver the control to keep making course safely.” Grip Control has five presets: a paragon road setting, Snow, Sand, Mud and ESP off. But the myriad sensors that take care an eye on every aspect of the car mean the tech can learn and change to keep the 3008 moving in difficult conditions.

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With the front wheels on split-attrition surfaces – warm, dry tarmac versus accomplished ice, which has just one tenth of the grip – there’s no theatre when you floor the throttle. The 3008 straight pulls away smoothly. Hit the brakes on a former occasion up to speed and the ESP reins things in again in comprehensive safety, keeping the car straight with no insinuation of a skid.

This is really relevant for UK buyers, too. With our patchy winter rise above, stability in slippery, mixed conditions is incredibly superior.

“The priority with the ESC and Grip Master is to always stabilise the car,” says Personeni, adding that with four locale speed sensors, five brake exigencies sensors and plenty of gyroscopes and gizmos to invigilator features like yaw rate, the ECU can understand entire lot going on and control it with precision a compassionate can’t match.

But it’s not just safety that the systems further. Technician Philippe Blaise points out that the ESC can animate confidence from behind the wheel and expropriate boost the car’s agility, too. 

“This has always been the Peugeot way,” he says. “We bring into focus on the pleasure of driving, so the chassis, engine and brakes are developed head to get the fundamentals right, then we calibrate the driver aids to award the car a keener feel; it’s the last bit of finessing to improve the car.”

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Parallel with on a long, slippery incline, the car doesn’t bestow up, while switching between Grip Conduct modes provides a noticeably different constrain. In the most appropriate Snow mode the 3008 races to the top, but Hill Facilitate Descent Control makes it just as all right and easy to control on the way down. HADC can effort at speeds as slow as 2mph for a much safer and fully controlled descent, booming forwards or backwards.

With the HADC button selected and the gearbox placed into withdrawn the car will maintain a set speed, although the speediness can be adjusted by using the throttle. Of course, it blends the existing functions of Hill Descent Subdue, but the HADC system really comes into its own in Sweden.

It not ever feels flustered, with unwanted skids nipped in the bud once they develop into anything more thoughtful. This highlights the thorough calibration and seamless integration of the 3008’s electronics. In temperatures as low as -20 degrees Celsius, it not in the least misses a beat – proof that there’s point beneath the new 3008’s considerable style.

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