Nikola Motors reveals its 1,200-mile hydrogen fuel cell truck

Nikola Motors reveals its 1,200-mile hydrogen fuel cell truck

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American stationary promises $1 billion manufacturing implant and a network of 364 zero emission stimulate stations, with first trucks delivered in 2020

The Nikola One – a hydrogen nutrition cell truck its makers believe purpose revolutionise the trucking industry with eye-enticing range and power – has been revealed at a specific launch event in Utah.

It uses a sustenance cell producing 200kW energy for the 320kWh battery heap, and Nikola claims it has 1,000bhp and 2,711Nm of torque. The solid hydrogen tanks mean a claimed extent of 800 – 1,200 miles depending on condition, and should the fuel cell fail it can wanderings over 100 miles on the batteries unexcelled. Regenerative braking and the truck’s reliatively flare weight means it has almost double the stopping power of a fixed semi truck. 

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With the 1,200 mile kitchen range, the One comes with fuel economy commensurate to around 15mpg – easily more than the 5-7mpg achieved by most trucks in America.

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As a company, Nikola motors plans to be 100 per cent emissions uncontrolled in North America. The hydrogen powering the trucks desire be generated via a nationwide network of zero emission solar farms, which the circle says be built from January 2018 ooze. These will feed a network of over and above 56 initial hydrogen stations by 2020, with plans for 364 in the coming, ensuring the Nikola trucks can get anywhere they necessary to across the US.

The unique powertrain means that the Nikola One benefits from a much debase centre of gravity than a regular stuff, as well as a more spacious cab with greater visibility. Advantaged, there’s clearly been inspiration from Tesla, as the One has a large, 15-inch portrait-style touchscreen to pilot most of its features. Sleeper amenities will-power include one or teo full size beds, 4K televisions, on-meals 4G Wi-Fi plus a full size fridge and freezer. 

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Leasing deals should spread between $5,000 – $7,000 over 72 months or 1,000,000 miles – whichever comes head – and over that period customers resolve get free hydrogen and electricity from Nikola fuelling sites. At the end of the leasing age, customers will get a replacement truck too. 

Nikola currently has no genuine manufacturing muscle, so the first 5,000 trucks last wishes as be built in partnership with Fitzgerald. The group has announced plans for a $1 billion manufacturing foundry in the future though, and we’re promised more on this next year. 

A cheaper copy is also in the pipeline – the Nikola Two will be a day cab translation, with fewer amineties and no sleeper parts. 

Nikola’s other oblation is much less practical, but could be giant fun. The Nikola Zero is a 520hp electric 4×4 created for sanitary hooliganism on an off-road course.

With a file of up to 300 miles with the new 107kWh battery mess, there’s plenty of fun to be had, and a 3-second 0-60 days combined with monstrous tyres and immense ground clearance should guarantee you won’t get stuck anywhere. You can engage a Nikola Zero for $750.

Would you place your trust in a hybrid lorry? Let us know in the comments further…


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