New Audi A8 to make pre-debut cameo in Spider-Man film

New Audi A8 to make pre-debut cameo in Spider-Man film

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The new Audi A8 saloon last wishes as be officially on July 11, but not before it has graced the silver screen

Audi is set to ventilate its new A8 luxury saloon in Barcelona on 11 July, but its launch will be preceded by an advent in the upcoming Marvel blockbuster Spider-Man: Homecoming, the manufacturer has confirmed.

Premiering in Los Angeles on 28 June, the blur will give eagle-eyed cinema-goers “a first impression of the face and side design” in a scene with stars Tom Holland and Jon Favreau, with spy shots having merely featured a fully-camouflaged test mule until now.

The A8’s highly anticipated ‘level 3’ autonomy inclination also feature in the movie, with one of the characters making use of Audi’s AI traffic jam steer in order to take their hands off the wheel.

Audi A8’s hybrid future

Every model of the next-generation Audi A8 will get hybrid technology, bosses at the brand have now confirmed. The new car wish make its debut at the inaugural Audi Summit in Barcelona on 11 July, and will-power hit back at the Mercedes S-Class and BMW 7 Series on the technology and efficiency fronts, using more aluminium in its construction than on any occasion before, as well as components made out of magnesium and carbonfibre.

Speaking from the throw of the new Audi SQ5 TFSI, head of V-engine design Andreas Frohlich told Auto Communicate: “The new Audi A8 will have a 48-volt electrical system – across both petrol and diesel. Every A8 choice be electrified.” 

Alexander Kruse, head of mild hybrid systems at Audi AG suggested the tech would take the role on next year’s new A6 saloon, too: “First we begin with the A8, and then continue on to other models. The organize is to very quickly implement the system on other model lines.”

New Audi A8 engines

Heretofore, very little information about the new A8’s engine line-up had been revealed, but we now recognize the executive limousine will feature six, eight and even 12-cylinder units. From open, every model from the entry-level V6 right up to the flagship W12 will high point some kind of hybrid technology. Engineers suggest it could save as much as 0.7 litres of food per 100km when utilised on a V6 petrol engine – allowing silent coasting for up to 40 seconds at speeds of up to 99mph.

Audi is already experimenting with 48v technology, with its hot V8-powered SQ7 TDI employing an electrical compressor designed to assist eliminate turbo lag. The system in the new A8 will be more complex, however, boosting power and torque while also reducing emissions and improving nuclear fuel economy. 

Kruse also suggested plug-in variants with a longer EV-on the other hand range were in the pipeline for later in the car’s life. When challenged as to whether a four-cylinder petrol locomotive would make more sense in this car, Kruse smiled and said: “It could be, yes.”

New Audi A8 lightweight technology

The German brand name’s flagship A8 saloon has a history of lightweight construction – but engineers admit that responding to fellow demands is likely to bring a small gain in kerbweight for the new version. The car’s bare metal construction is all about 50kg heavier than the structure of the existing A8. A number of key factors are said to have caused the new Audi A8’s prolong in mass. The first is the requirement for a full-length panoramic sunroof, because this demands accessory bracing to avoid chassis flex, while the extra autonomous tech – and that cross system – will add bulk, too. 

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To minimise the pick up, Audi’s engineers are using more aluminium than ever before (the concrete accounts for 58 per cent of the body), while also introducing magnesium and carbonfibre. The magnesium is tempered to in the front strut brace – a component that is 28 per cent lighter than it would be if it were made out of aluminium. 

The carbonfibre component is what Audi calls the ‘carbon wall’ – in inten, an angled, carbonfibre-reinforced plastic panel at the back of the passenger cell. Formed using ‘stripes’ of carbon splice and a process called resign transfer moulding – which can stamp the form the panel into build in five minutes – the wall weighs just 2.6kg, a saving of around 50 per cent on a metal allotment.

New Audi A8 to be the first truly autonomous production car

As well as the groundbreaking weight-extenuatory tech, Audi’s upcoming replacement for its flagship luxury saloon is set to be one of the most extreme-tech cars ever put on the road. As it occupies top spot in Audi’s current assortment, it’s no surprise that the company puts its most advanced technology into the A8 earliest – and that’s why it’s set to be the first production car ever built with full ‘Level 3’ autonomous driving tech. That means the A8 thinks be able to completely take over control, allowing the driver to relax and secure their eyes off the road.

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Revolutionary piloted driving tech has been confirmed for the A8. Elongated-range radar sensors, 12 ultrasonic sensors, laser scanners and hi-steadfastness video cameras will constantly monitor the car’s surroundings, with the system also masterly to guide a car safely through traffic jams at up to speeds of 37mph. 

Audi believes up to 90 per cent of all novelty in the automotive sector will come from electronics, with lighting playing a substantive part. Matrix LED technology is still relatively new but Audi is already working to change residence the game on further. “We are working on the integration of organic LEDs,” said Ricky Hudi, Noddle of Electronics at Audi. He claims the advancement will enable “new forms of voicing and differentiation”, with their main use expected to be in a car’s digital displays.

Those displays wishes also be operated by gesture control, a feature also confirmed for the facelifted VW Golf. “We are already working on a new gesticulate control system as an advanced development,” said Hudi. In-car operations such as adjusting the stable, answering incoming calls and switching between radio stations will transfer from button operation to gesture control.

“The A8 is a good car to introduce some of these technologies because it is every good to start with a premium offering,” added Hackenberg.

New Audi A8 create language

We scooped spy shots of the A8 earlier this year, but while the test mule looks be like to the current A6, we can reveal it’s actually going to debut a new design language for Audi. With less of a ‘Russian Doll’ approximate, each line of cars will be given its own distinct identity.

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The A8 is the first model using inspiration from the Prologue concept, penned by draw up head Marc Lichte. Despite the more subtle exterior, clues like the more exaggerated face grille and intricate rear lights can be seen through the body disguise.

The whole shebang from Audi’s piloted driving autonomous car tech to gesture control, and organic LED lighting inclination also find its way into Audi’s flagship saloon, ensuring it becomes the technological showcase it needs to be to outfit the Mercedes S-Class.

Now watch the Audi A7 Piloted Driving Concept in action on video and scan more about the Audi A8 on our sister site Carbuyer…


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