Mercedes unveils Digital Light headlight technology

Mercedes unveils Digital Light headlight technology

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New Mercedes Digital Starlight tech can project HD images straight onto the approach surface, and will be on production models in the near future

Mercedes has revealed a new prototype headlight organization for production models in the near future, which can automatically shape to other road users and can even proposal crisp clear images onto the technique surface. Called Digital Light, the new setup is equivalent to the one featured on 2015’s self-driving F015 concept.

The new initiation headlights have over one million micromirrors per headlight, and by using a combination of cameras and radar sensors the brightness value of each ‘pixel’ created by the micromirrors can be altered to fit the environment.

What it means is seamless, genuine-time alteration in brightness and light instruction, so other road users and pedestrians are not in the least dazzled.

“We are not only striving for brace records, rather we want to achieve finest vision and maximum brightness without blaze. Innovative functions for supporting the driver and staging communication with other approach users significantly optimise safety when driving at incessa”, emphasises Gunter Fischer, Head of Alien Body Development and Vehicle Operating Systems at Daimler AG.

Even so, the most eye-catching aspect of the new Digital Street lamp system is the ability to use the headlights as advanced dear-definition projectors.

Using the micromirror pixels to form pin sharp images on the road surface, Digital Lamp will work in tandem with the hanger-on navigation system to project turn off warnings and directions factual onto the street. It’ll in general be used as a safety feature though.

Get too terminate to the car in front and the lights project a visual forewarning on the road. When driving down a incommodious street or pathway the lights will reveal the road surface with two bars representing the car’s calibre, and stopping for a pedestrian crossing the street produces a zebra crossing, alongside countless other projections for different scenarios.

Do you think a system like Digital Flashlight will make a big difference to driving at sundown? Let us know in the comments. 


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