Honda autonomous car tech to hit ‘Level 4’ by 2025

Honda autonomous car tech to hit ‘Level 4’ by 2025

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Honda aims to merchandise Level 4 autonomous cars by 2025, just one step from full self-driving

Honda is aiming to begin Level 4 autonomous driving technologies in its cars by 2025, the Japanese brand has announced. 

Uniform 4 autonomy is one step away from a fully functioning self-driving means, and will enable a car to operate steering, throttle and brakes independently without any trust on direct input from a driver on certain sections of road. 

• Ultimate direct to autonomous vehicles

Honda President & CEO Takahiro Hachigo, told Auto Tell: “We will strive to achieve the technological establishment of Level 4 automated driving for individual car use by around 2025”.

The announcement follows Honda’s intention to float automated highway driving, Level 3 autonomy, by 2020. Functions these vehicles last will and testament be capable of include autonomously merging onto motorways, lane changing by reacting to above, exit slip roads and negotiate traffic jams. However, unlike Supine 4 autonomy, the driver must be ready to intervene to help the vehicle within a reduced time, if called upon.    

Honda has developed several Level 3 autonomy equipped exemplar vehicles which it allowed journalists to experience at it’s R&D facility in Tochigi, Japan. Tailor-made in Honda Accord and Legacy saloons, the hardware comprised two main cameras, a driver praepostor camera, 10 camera-and-radar sensors and a range of camera-and-LiDAR sensors.

A larger understanding of and more reliance on Artificial Intelligence (AI) is necessary before Honda ramps up to Very 4 autonomy. AI will be able to predict the movements of other road users and pedestrians to put up with an autonomous vehicle to make more informed and reliable decisions on the road. The Japanese trade-mark has recently established a new AI R&D department to help accelerate bringing the technology to market.  

When desire we see the first fully autonomous vehicle on the road? Join the debate in the comments allocate below…


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