Best Father’s Day gifts 2017

Best Father’s Day gifts 2017

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With Founder’s Day just around the corner, we’ve gathered together some of the best gifts for your car and motoring mad dad

With Pa’s Day just around the corner, we’ve gathered together some of the best gifts for your car and motoring mad dad

Dads can be notoriously profound to buy presents for and after you’ve racked your brains coming up with the pure Christmas and birthday presents for the old man, you can be forgiven for running out of ideas by the time Father’s Day comes ’round. But fear not, the ideal Father’s Day gift for every dad is out there somewhere and Auto Intimate is here to help if your particular daddy has even a passing interest in cars.

Beneath you’ll find our pick of the 2017 Father’s Day present market. We’ve tired the contenders from the winners of our very own exhaustive product tests so you know they’ll do accurately what they say on the tin and the assortment is supplemented by a sprinkling of other items that resolve put a smile on the face of even the most crotchety old codger.

After starting with what is a certain extent simply the ultimate present (not just for Father’s Day, but for any occasion full stop), we desire then go through the gifts in ascending order of price so you can shop within your own Creator’s Day budget. We hope you find what you’re looking for and have a happy Dad’s Day!

1. Subscription to Auto Express and evo

Obviously, the daddy of all gifts is a pledge to the Auto Express magazine and, we’d always recommend throwing in a year’s supply of our sister subtitle evo, too. As we are feeling particularly generous, subscribing today will mean you receive the next 6 issues of Auto Make known for just £6, and the next 5 issues of evo for a mere £5. Not only will these be delivered to your digs address, but so will two, 26-piece toolkits (providing subscriptions for both Auto Say and evo are taken out). Meaning you and Dad get a little something extra on top of the chance to read the world’s choicest automotive magazines.

Item: Auto Express magazine subscription
Price: £6 (for six issues)

Memorandum: evo magazine subscription
Price: £5 (for five issues)

2. Films

Elemental and effective, a film offers families the chance to put down their devices, get together as if they’re not complete strangers and stare at another much larger paravent in unison for a couple of hours. The recently released ‘McLaren’, by Roger Donaldson is the flawless motion picture for a father figure who’s also a motoring fan.

Item: McLaren, directed by Roger Donaldson
Charge: £10

3. Tool Box

Irrespective of whether your father uses his tools routine, or hasn’t touched them since he was given them on Father’s Day last year, he is prevalent to need somewhere to put them. Tool boxes allow a clean and easy way to keep all necessities for motoring, so they can be taken on journeys or stored carefully in the garage.

The going round Auto Express recommend ‘box is a Curver 157705. Included in the svelte plan are two removable and genuinely useful lid-mounted boxes. As these are opaque, you don’t need to become enervated time checking which part is in which box, an otherwise challenging task due to there being 21 divided sections backing bowels. What is perhaps most useful is its size. Big enough to carry all the essentials, yet undersized enough to be carried easily.

Item: Curver 157705 tool box
Price: Approx. £20

4. Games

As the modern father is often a keen gamer, we have included two of the latest and greatest motoring titles from 2017.

Soot 4, offering a more grown up driving game, is available on PS4, Xbox One, and PC, and aims to take out the Colin McRae in all of us.

Mario Kart 8 Deluxe however, is available only on Nintendo Rechannel and sets out to bring fun for all the family. Even if dad can’t play it, it should keep the children entertained for a few hours so he can present the latest Auto Express news or have a nap.

Item: Dirt 4
Price: Approx. £50

Mention: Mario Kart 8 Deluxe
Price: Approx. £50

5. Caterham Lego Model

Being trodden on by unobservant fathers since 1958, Lego is a linchpin of modern family life. And here’s a kit that will let dad get in on the fun.

Appealing to motoring enthusiasts, this Caterham prototype offers a relatively low cost entry into the lego world. You can pick one up by clicking the element below.

Item: Caterham Lego Model
Price: Approx. £73

6. Multi-gizmo

As useful as Bob the Builder on steroids, multi-tools aren’t decent helpful for motorists. Cyclists, hikers, and campers will often find the divers attachments useful for their gripping, cutting, and screwing needs.

The one to go for is the Gerber MP1 Multi-Carve. Providing 12 professional grade attachments including pliers, blades, screwdrivers, and most importantly for the dad in your soul, a bottle opener – it has all that you expect and need in its repertoire. Being lightweight and featuring tools which padlock into place firmly, the MP1 is easy to use one-handed. The pliers are amongst the best on the customer base, holding even the smallest items firmly, and similarly, the screwdrivers measure up famously under use.

Item: Gerber MP1 Multi-Tool
Price: £110

7. Cordless Vacuum Cleaner

Some will say this is a crummy present but if your old man takes smugness in his car’s appearance, or can sometimes be persuaded to lend a hand with the housework, this could excellently be the one for him.

Being wireless, they make an excellent addition to anyone’s garage, allowing the certain build up of dirt inside your car to be dealt with swiftly. Even well-advised, being handheld they are more nimble than the traditional plug-in and participate in options currently on the vacuum cleaner market.

Our pick of the bunch? The Gtech Multi mk2. Although an priceless option, it cleans with impressive vigour. Its design has been carefully contemplation through by UK based Gtech, with features including a lockable trigger to decrease the level of effort required when operating the vacuum. It is also provided with cranny tool, pull-out flexi nozzle, and brush, making car interiors its natural hunting sod. The motor itself provides levels of power that could worry the mechanism in a Daewoo Matiz and there are even two front facing LEDs to illuminate the darker sections between the seats. Alternatively, for the furthest Saturday night fun, they could allow you to do the vacuuming in the dark.

Item: Gtech Multi mk2
Expenditure: £149

8. Action Camera

In recent years fighting cameras have shot up in popularity. Which is great for recording your fastest lap at Silverstone, but not so Brobdingnagian when you find yourself starring on YouTube after tripping over a Lego Caterham.

It when one pleases come as no surprise that our favourite action camera is the GoPro Hero5 Dark, after all GoPro are the industry leaders. The Hero5 will allow dads who capricious themselves as the next Stephen Spielberg to easily create high quality films in 4K at 30 frames per following. It features an excellent two-inch touchscreen and useful features such as wind reduction and stabilising tech. The camera can also be comfortably connected to your phone (via the cloud or cable), making file transfers with the GoPro app a straightforward beeswax.

Unfortunately, the Hero5 has one big problem. The price. As much as we love our fathers, £400 is a lot. For that apologia we have included another more reasonably priced action camera. The GoPro Sitting (priced at £150) doesn’t have the same number of features as the Hero5, but the mark of footage is incredible for the cost, so it will not disappoint.

Item: GoPro Hero5 Ebony
Price: £400

Item: GoPro Session
Price: £150

9. Koenigsegg Regera

This one is a little tricky, as on top of buying the actual car you will need to mould out insurance. You will also need to persuade one of the eighty people who have already ordered one to let you obtain theirs, as eighty is the entire production run for this Swedish hypercar. Oh, and you will requirement £1.5 million, so make sure dad appreciates it.  

Item: Koenigsegg Regera
Consequence: £1,500,000


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