Audi confirms self-driving city car will arrive by 2021

Audi confirms self-driving city car will arrive by 2021

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Construction battery-powered, autonomous VW up! sized model confirmed as part of Audi's annual all-inclusive meeting, set to arrive just after 2020

Audi has green-lighted an autonomous, charged A-segment model for initial low volume production. The brand confirmed the new urban EV at its annual customary meeting in Germany. The first confirmation of the new model comes as Audi steps up to snatch a leading role within the Volkswagen Group for driverless cars.

The Autonomous Quick Driving GmbH subsidiary, in charge of progressing and developing autonomous tech across the VW Organization, is working on the technology for “driverless vehicles in urban environments”, according to the release. It inclination launch first in the city car, expected to be similar in size to the VW up!, which will write series production “early in the next decade”.

The standardised self-driving organization will be applied to models across the VW Group soon afterwards. At the same opportunity, Audi will expand its mobility services for urban areas, with the end of offering them in over 15 markets worldwide before 2020. 

Audi also re-confirmed its design to launch three new electric models by 2020,  as well as a range of e-tron cross-breed variants of existing models. The first model to receive ‘Level 3’ autonomous tech inclination be the new A8 – set to be revealed this year – while the brand also confirmed a new A7 wishes arrive soon after. 

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