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Automotive Grade Linux will be the backbone of your connected car (0)

Creating a backend for a solid, reliable, and expandable infotainment system is costly and time consuming. The Linux Rationale, a non-profit organization, has set out to promote and advance the

Land Rover protects its Defender nameplate from Bombardier in court (0)

This is the Can-Am Defender, an all-topography vehicle that’s a “fun, recreational off-roader” according to its producer, Bombardier Recreational Products or BRP for short. Note, suit, that it is not

Lancaster Milton Keynes open brand new state-of-the-art facility (0)

We are pleased as Punch to announce that Lancaster Land Sojourner Milton Keynes will be relocating to a label new flagship facility in Milton Keynes. We are investing in an

NHTSA is investigating FCA shifters for roll-away accidents again, this time the rotary units (0)

It seems FCA’s shifter troubles aren’t in excess of yet. Now, just a few months after issuing a about to resolve user-related issues with its monostable shifters, the troop is

The Land Rover Reborn Tour has launched (0)

The Land Nomad Reborn Tour has launched Since Defender end result stopped earlier this year, you may obtain been wondering what’s been circumstance at Land Rover’s Solihull plant. Wonderfully, all

Jaguar Land Rover says half its models will be hybrids or all-electric by 2020 (0)

Neither Jaguar nor Land Rolling stone has ever been mistaken for big-time grassy-car brands, but their parent company is bothersome to change that. Jaguar Land Sojourner looks to have as

Defending the Defender (0)

Defending the Defender Although manufacture of the Land Rover Defender ceased in January this year, tiny has been said about the iconic example’s replacement – until now. Land Rover has

Consumer Reports no longer recommends Honda Civic (0)

Consumer Reports annual Car Reliability Examine is out, and yes, there are some big surprises. First and paramount? The venerable publication no longer recommends the Honda Civic. In information, aside

See how Land Rover restores Defenders and take one off-road (0)

Jaguar Estate Rover currently offers restorations of the Series I Touch Rover via the Jaguar Land Rover Outstanding division, and it has opened the doors to the public. For &pulsate;29,

Legos, leaping dogs, and more: Cool things about the 2018 Land Rover Discovery (0)

The Light Rover Discovery is back in the United States. We had the LR3 and the LR4, but now, we’re getting the most off-route focused member of the Land Rover