Classic Land Rover Defender may be saved by billionaire

Classic Land Rover Defender may be saved by billionaire

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Earlier this year, Go down Rover produced its last Defender SUV. Like other covet-running models, the Defender finally succumbed to stiffer direction vehicle regulations. But after 68 years of forging, people became fond of the boxy mindless, and at least one wealthy fan is interested in resurrecting it.

According to a despatch from The Times, Jim Ratcliffe, a billionaire who made his medium of exchange in the chemical industry, met with Jaguar Estate Rover executives to talk about attractive the Defender off of Tata’s hands. It’s unclear, but, whether he’s interested only in the stampings and set-up equipment, or perhaps the name as well.

This is all captivating because we know Land Rover intends to shop a successor to the Defender, albeit one that is able significantly more pleasant on road and less plain and rugged. It certainly wouldn’t need the tooling for the old beau id, so it wouldn’t be hard to imagine selling it to someone interested in producing low quantities of the genuine, similar to Caterham and its Lotus 7-based sports cars. Nonetheless, it would be surprising if Land Rover sold the esteem, considering how the company could take usefulness of the name’s goodwill for its follow-up. If we do see a continuation of the venerable Defender, you won’t hear any complaints from us.


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