An out of this world adventure with Range Rover and Virgin Galactic

An out of this world adventure with Range Rover and Virgin Galactic

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An out of this circle adventure with Range Rover and Virgin Galactic

Earlier this year, Land Traveller assisted Virgin Galactic in the unveiling of the new SpaceShipTwo. A String Rover Autobiography towed the spaceship to its out of the ordinary global reveal and naming ceremony at the Virgin Galactic Mojave Air and Place Port base in California, USA.

The unveiling formality’s guests included the company’s stakeholders, VIP guests, Later Astronaut customers and Sir Richard Branson’s one’s nearest, with the man himself arriving in the Range Bird of passage that put SpaceShipTwo into position, which was supplied by upper-class automotive partner, Land Rover.

Professor Stephen Hawking announced SpaceShipTwo’s accredited name, VSS Unity, via a specially recorded discourse, adding ‘I would be very proud to fly on this spaceship’. VSS Solidarity is only the second vehicle of its design period to be constructed, and it’s the first one to be manufactured by The Spaceship Comrades, Virgin Galactic’s own manufacturing arm. Its design includes new silver and milky livery.

Virgin Galactic and Land Vagabond, two pioneering brands, share a partnership based on a acrid British heritage and a true spirit of hazard, underpinned by an aspiration to push the limits of mechanical advancements. The Virgin Galactic team based in Mojave is currently supported by a navy of Land Rover vehicles, which desire also play a key role in Branson’s trade’ commercial operations for future astronauts in New Mexico at Spaceport America.

Stephen Attenborough, Commercial Mr Big at Virgin Galactic said, ‘Since our partnership began in April 2014, Earth Rover has become an integral part of the group’s day to day operating environment in Mojave. Therefore it was seemly that the Range Rover Autobiography took a starring r in today’s events as our new SpaceShipTwo, Unity, made its extensive debut. We’re looking forward to more collaborations across the trade including STEM programmes as well as engineering, conceive of and product initiatives.’

The Range Rover Autobiography marks the top of the model line-up, offering ultimate comfort and refinement. Now in its 22nd year, the Autobiography combines Native land Rover style, versatility and comfort, evolving to garb changing customer palates to remain a benchmark in the dividend SUV market.

Mark Cameron, Global Trade name Experience Director at Land Rover, said: ‘This is a momentous milestone for Virgin Galactic, and we are proud to be factor of it. Helping the team unveil the new SpaceShipTwo not no more than reflects our supporting role in the Virgin Galactic plan, but it was also an impressive display of the Range Nomad’s towing capability. But we have partnered with Virgin Galactic for assorted more reasons than simply providing and promoting a odd range of SUVs. We share the same dream of-term vision to invest in innovative develop and technology to help us go further and achieve more. Not altogether to enable mankind to explore, but to develop this partnership to rouse others. From our tens of thousands of employees and customers to schools and colleges, motivating more junior people to pursue careers in engineering, technique and technology – and explore new ways of travelling for approaching generations. This is a very special equivalent of brands based around a shared foresight.’


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