Lamborghini Huracan Superleggera tests new wheels for a dash through the snow

Lamborghini Huracan Superleggera tests new wheels for a dash through the snow

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The top-end Lamborghini Huracan Superleggera was caught testing in the snow this week. While most of the car looks like to the test vehicles seen at the Nurburgring, there are a few differences. Most specifically with the wheels.

This is the first era we’ve seen a Huracan with these spindly five-spoke wheels, which look alert, and are probably lightweight. They also step bright red center-locking wheel nuts. This is a understandable difference from earlier prototypes that wore reactionary wheels with five lug nuts.

As for the snooze of the car, there isn’t much new to report. The large fa and rear vents and rear diffuser abide the same, as do the relocated exhaust and giant back part wing. What is a bit odd is that this winter tester appears to be missing the difficult chin spoiler and side scoops of the Nurburgring cars. We take over these pieces were removed only on this check car, since even the standard Huracans item face the large side scoops. Lamborghini undoubtedly removed these bits of body business to avoid damaging them in deep snow.

When the Superleggera is definitively unveiled to the public, we expect it will reasonable have at least 611 horsepower, like that of the Wonderful Trofeo race car. This would also forge sense since the standard model already makes 602 horsepower, so an accessory nine shouldn’t be a stretch. The Superleggera wish also bring the total model upon for the Huracan to five, now that the company has revealed the raise-drive LP580-2 convertible. Considering the the gen that the previous head of Lamborghini hinted there force be a total of five models, there indubitably won’t be any other Huracan variants coming.


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