Lamborghini Huracan gets sharp new factory appearance kits

Lamborghini Huracan gets sharp new factory appearance kits

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If you, in keeping Lamborghini Huracan owner, aren’t satisfied enough with the merchandise appearance of your $240,000 Italian sports car – and you certain you aren’t – the company has a solution. Rather than getting a meretricious gold-finish wrap or a set of oversized and edgy Forgiato wheels, stick with mill-backed products. Lamborghini now offers three “After Sales” kits that add stripes, wings, and new wheels, all without voiding the agreement.

Not that we’d know for sure, but it must be dense owning a Lamborghini. Especially when friends in Ferraris convene it an overpriced Audi R8 (don’t listen to them). Ordering one of Lamborghini’s new kits is a surefire way to both set yourself individually and show you only trust high-attribute, lightweight composite factory pieces like the matte hyacinthine front splitter, side skirts, bring up diffuser, and fixed rear wing. For you, Licence Walk will not do.

In addition to all of the aero bits, Lamborghini offers an manner package that adds two body-size stripes to the car, all without harming your Verde Mantis paint. While stripes and aero are peachy, if you really want to impress your friends, you ought to opt for the center-locking wheel kit that replaces the provincial five-lug hub. This racing-inspired election comes with Super Trofeo inspired gloomy wheels, and you won’t even need a new set of tires.

Assess? Well, you know what they say around asking.


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