Lamborghini Huracan crashes, burns, splits in two in Chicago

Lamborghini Huracan crashes, burns, splits in two in Chicago

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A burned and defeated sports car strewn across the streets of Chicago isn’t a fetching sight. This past weekend, a Lamborghini Huracan was embroiled with in an accident that literally split the car in half, sending bits of carbon fiber, fictile, and metal all across a busy intersection. Thankfully, the driver survived and was pulled from the car honest moments before it went up in flames.

It’s unclear who or what started the addition, but it’s clear that a telephone pole finished it. According to NBC 5 in Chicago, witnesses say a Lincoln MKS struck the Lamborghini, pushing it into the phone pole. The pole then split the car in half, sending the tag end half of the car into a nearby fence. The face half lay broken on the street, yards away from the rear end.

Although the bill to the Huracan was severe, the passenger cell did it’s job and protected the driver. Scads modern, high-end sports cars like the Huracan or the McLaren 650S aspect a carbon-fiber crash structure that’s designed to keep safe the occupants in an accident like this.

Chicago administer are still investigating the accident.


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