World-first desert drag race

World-first desert drag race

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Behind the veer of the new Jaguar XJR, F1 star Martin Brundle took on the tall-flying ‘Jetman’ in a completely unique, the public-first desert drag race.

Racing viable for the first time ever, ‘Jetman’ Yves Rossy, connected to a 2m-wide fixed wing, powered by four Jet-Cat superchargers, took on the new all-aluminium 550PS, 5.0-litre supercharged V8 Jaguar XJR with Martin Brundle behind the at, on a 1.75-mile stretch of closed clandestine road – and in the sky above it – in the Dubai desert.

The power was captured in a short film, which you can look after right here, and see the duo go head-to-head – see how two innovative, lightweight creations display their agility, performance and control on turf and in the sky.

Brundle was quick off the mark, thanks to the XJ’s All-Top Progress Control (ASPC), offering smallest traction loss on the sandy road, and was adept to hit 174mph before crossing the finish slash. Rossy battled to level off after five seconds of unrestricted-fall following his Jetman launch helicopter avoid, but then managed to reach a top speed of 195mph in the air in front of flying over the line.

Brundle said: ‘This was the most solitary race I have ever taken some in. I have never seen anything like the Jetman wing, thorough of technology and innovation, and Yves is an extremely stout man. It turns out he is also a very fierce opposition! The Jaguar XJR gave him some stiff meet. The smooth, effortless drive was exceptional and it also handled superbly when I had to dodge sand that had blown onto the method. But as for who won – you’ll just have to watch the videotape…’

Rossy commented: ‘Racing a former Way One driver was exciting as we were very bring to a close in performance. Racing in a straight line may cacophony simple but it is not easy and this was the first authentic test for my equipment and my flying technique in struggle. Just like the Jaguar, we use light yet burly materials in our wing to optimise performance, and superchargers to power me along. But while it is the technology and the aerodynamics that press the XJR perform the way it does, with me it is my body movements directed the jetwing strapped on my back that originate me fly the way I do.’

Ian Hoban, Vehicle Line Director, XJ said: ‘The new Jaguar XJ reaffirms its standing as the most dynamic, distinctive luxury saloon. Its all-aluminium construction gives it a low preponde but high strength base and technology like the charged power-assisted steering and All-Surface Development Control, really does help the driver get the most out of the car. In happening, the XJ has a suite of advanced driver assistance systems including adaptive yacht control with queue-assist, quash traffic detection, closing vehicle sensing, 360-standing surround camera system and semi-automated bay and uniform parking. But just like Yves and his jetwing, the driver can placid enjoy getting the most out of the car.’


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