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The Jaguar XJR-15 is a 215 mph, barely-legal road car that’s for sale (0)

The new 1980s and early 1990s were awash with supercars from automakers across the earth. Classic Driver in the UK is selling one of the rarest of all of these

Thieves stole $3.7 million worth of Jaguar Land Rover engines (0)

This background Tuesday was not a good one for Jaguar Land Rover. According to British news source Birmingham Send, just over $3.7 million worth of engines were stolen from the

Have you got the accessories to match your lifestyle? (0)

Parts and Accessories. To remedy you tailor your Jaguar to your personal preferences, we provide a range of prominence accessories that help you to add your own unique stamp to

Jaguar XE / XF Test drive event 17-19 February 2017 (0)

ARE YOU XE OR XF? LET YOUR SENSES Conclusion. 17–19 FEBRUARY. Between 17–19 February you can receive up to £3,900 deposit contribution on the Jaguar XE and up to £3,600*

Ferrari and Jaguar dominate the 2017 Arizona Auctions (0)

The 2017 Arizona Auctions took estate this past weekend, and one look at the results should be a reminder that big-label auto auctions are no place for mere mortals. Aside

Jaguar refreshes the 2018 F-Type lineup and adds a high-performance V6 model (0)

Jaguar is giving the F-Class line a refresh for 2018 and adding two new variants. All new F-Types feature LED headlights and to a certain darker taillights. Every model except

The Jaguar E-Pace shows off a rather cab-forward look in these spy shots (0)

It seems the Jaguar F-Reckon may be getting a little sibling soon. A smaller crossover, which we expect resolution be called the E-Pace, has been caught during winter testing. The

Automotive Grade Linux will be the backbone of your connected car (0)

Creating a backend for a unexposed, reliable, and expandable infotainment system is costly and time consuming. The Linux Institution, a non-profit organization, has set out to promote and advance the

We drove to the Grand Tour Lapland taping in a British beater (0)

In October, it was revealed that the Brobdingnagian British Motoring Show That Is Not Top Materials was going to be filming an episode somewhere in Finland. I chance to be

NHTSA is investigating FCA shifters for roll-away accidents again, this time the rotary units (0)

It seems FCA’s shifter troubles aren’t on top of yet. Now, just a few months after issuing a call back to resolve user-related issues with its monostable shifters, the party