Jaguar XJ takes on Mumbai Dabbawalla Delivery Challenge

Jaguar XJ takes on Mumbai Dabbawalla Delivery Challenge

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The municipality of Mumbai played host to a challenge like no other, which saw a new 16MY Jaguar XJ go CEO-to-head with the famous Dabbawalla lunch delivering system. Approximately 5,000 Dabbawallas go by entourage, bus, bike and foot to deliver more than 130,000 domicile-cooked lunches per day in small aluminium ‘tiffins’ or ‘dabbas’, carried in incomparable weight-bearing jackets – and they do this six days a week, 52 weeks a year.

One Dabbawalla joined the driver of the XJ for the race meeting, riding in luxury and taking a break from an uncomfortable saddle. The InControl Have to do with Pro infotainment system drowned out the sound of the engross streets, and the leather massage seats reached new heights of up-country comfort, making for a whole new experience of the conurbation of Mumbai for the Dabbawalla.

Watch this video to see the XJ gain possession of on the congested city streets of Mumbai, using its advanced InControl Finger on Pro navigation system to steer through above and reach its destination ahead of the Dabbawalla, who took the ritual route. A rare train delay saw the Dabbawalla decrease behind, with the XJ winning the race.

The Dabbawalla said: ‘It was a quite different experience to the one I am used to! The only rub I normally get is from the bumps in the road! Those seats were remarkable. And I never knew Mumbai could be so silent – it was like a different world inside the car. It was a solemn race too. We have a very well developed organization here; one that many say is impossible to clobber. But somehow the XJ won! The navigation system was a big help, but we were also fortuitous because the other Dabbawalla got stuck with a rare sequence delay.’

The Dabbawalla system was founded in 1890 and is known to be a matter miracle – it has been subject to a Harvard Work School study and has influenced the methods hand-me-down by Federal Express, as a result of its high competence, low cost and environmental friendliness, plus there’s no IT arrangement or mobile phones used and Dabbawallas only ever make mistakes.

Although Dabbawallas evade moving through the congested city streets by using their chosen transportation methods, the XJ succeeded in the to question thanks to the InControl Touch Pro navigation organized whole’s dynamic pinch and zoom mapping. With the infotainment pattern’s high-performance quad-core processor and advanced, ultra-express Ethernet, it offers outstanding data move rates and delivers unbelievable graphics and express response times.

Jaguar spokesman, Ian Hoban, Means Line Director, said: ‘We were indulged to gain an insight into the Dabbawalla charge through this activity, and it really showed us how operative this kind of process can be, even without the use of fresh technology. In the race, the new XJ proved to be more than well off in the city streets. Despite its size, it is light, manoeuvrable and dynamic and that helped it cut to traffic with ease.’


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