Jaguar XF Sportbrake teased in Wimbledon promotion

Jaguar XF Sportbrake teased in Wimbledon promotion

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Until this twinkling of an eye, we’d only seen spy photos of the Jaguar XF Sportbrake. Now we get our first official look at the eat one’s heart out-roof Jaguar with the above teaser photo. Pleasantly, this isn’t an image of the car in shadows, but rather in full light. It happens to be a bird’s-eye-view image, so there isn’t much we can impart about the car aside from confirming it is indeed a wagon.

That’s not to say we can’t tell anything, allowing. Close examination of the tail reveals that Jaguar has opted for more habitual, body-colored D-pillars. This is a contrast to the previous XF Sportbrake that featured piano ebon D-pillar panels that were reminiscent of the ones on the XJ flagship sedan. Another attractive detail is that glass roof. There don’t appear to be any seams along it, indicating that this is one mammoth, fixed panel. Odds are an opening variant is available, but that version all things considered won’t have the same unbroken view of the sky.

We also get one other teaser of the XF Sportbrake via a video in which Ian Callum talks fro lines with the head groundskeeper of Wimbledon. Apparently Jaguar is providing cars for this year’s tennis match, so some kind of marketing tie-in was inevitable. The video is pretty much what you would look for, with Callum saying flowery things about different kinds of lines and the lines on Jaguars. But at the truly end, a silhouette of the XF Sportbrake is shown on the Wimbledon center court. It doesn’t show much, but it is something. You can block it out for yourself at the end of the video above.

In addition to these teasers, Jaguar announced that the car last will and testament be available later this year. No regions were announced, but don’t hold your whisper for the US market. The previous version was never offered here, and now Jaguar has the American-well-disposed F-Pace crossover to satiate Jaguar buyers needing more cargo latitude. So we don’t see much of a case for bringing it here. That being said, we would certainly be elated if it came to the States.


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