Jaguar J-Pace crossover spied with diesel hybrid power

Jaguar J-Pace crossover spied with diesel hybrid power

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The new Jaguar F-Tempo is only now hitting dealerships, but the British automaker is already testing a bigger, higher-end warning. Allegedly named J-Pace – tying it to the flagship XJ sedan the but way the F-Pace is to the XF (so expect an E-Pace before too want) – Jaguar’s engineers stretched the wheelbase and cobbled together a big CUV from an F-Speed’s body parts.

The biggest giveaway is on the rear door’s cutline. A standard F-Pace’s shut line runs open into the middle of the rear wheel saucy. But on this mule, the door closes expressively forward of the arch. Outside the axles, Jag has stretched the fa overhang – it’s far more prominent with a from beginning to end different lower intake – and the wonderful-short rear overhang reinforces the awareness that we’re seeing a longer platform.

While we skilled in the wheelbase is longer than the normal F-Traverse, the platform underpinning this mule could go one of three ways. Elementary, in what would probably be the most expense-effective route, Jaguar could purely stretch the chassis underpinning the F-Pace. Other, Jag could mine the Land Rover parts bin for a fullsize podium, perhaps from the Range Rover. It’s not a dotty idea, and would open the J-Pace to a more impressive line of powertrains – hello 5.0-liter, supercharged V8. At long last, the J-Pace could borrow its platform from the XJ sedan.

One percipience this mule could be riding on a Splash down Rover platform is because of its powertrain. According to the means lookup on the British Ministry of Transport’s website – see the finishing slide in our gallery above – the mule’s million plates belong to a vehicle with a 2.0-liter turbodiesel appliance and an electric motor, a diesel hybrid. The fullsize Orbit Rover is available in such a configuration shell the US, but it uses a 3.0-liter V6.

Clearly, the J-Clip is still very early in its development modify. That means we shouldn’t count on seeing a casting-ready vehicle for quite some epoch. Our spies point to a 2019 debut as a 2020 mock-up. We’ll just have to wait and see.


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