Jaguar E-Pace has an F-Type-inspired interior

Jaguar E-Pace has an F-Type-inspired interior

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Jaguar continues to test its new mignonne crossover, tentatively dubbed E-Pace, and that means our spy photographers continue to arrest it in the wild. This time, we got some photos of the interior. From what we can see, it follows in the footsteps of the the F-Pattern sports car, rather than Jaguar’s sedans and larger F-Pace crossover.

From the air vents down, the center bundle gently slopes toward the shifter. It also has a large grab handle on the rider side like that in the F-Type. This also makes the center amount feel more driver-centric. The shifter is also F-Type-inspired. While the Jaguar sedans and the F-Traverse use a motorized dial that rises from the center console for shifting, the F-Type uses a stodgy lever, as does this E-Pace. These interior design choices non-standard like to indicate that Jaguar will market this E-Pace as being a sportier Jaguar than its existing lineup.

Our spy photographer also caught this E-Traverse prototype with the hatch up. This clearly shows that the E-Pace resolve have a radically raked rear window. Matched with the voluptuous back part fenders, the E-Pace should have a very aggressive look. As a side note, the available hatch also reveals that there are at least one or two members of the Jaguar gang that like Budweiser.

We still expect a reasonably long wait until the E-Stride makes its full debut, likely sometime next year at the earliest. We’re also in a family way the crossover to have a front-wheel-drive-based all-wheel-drive plan like the Range Rover Evoque, and it may even use the Evoque platform. While not a bad stage or drive system, most any car enthusiast or journalist would agree that a tushie-wheel drive platform would be more naturally sporty and in keeping with this car’s individual and possible marketing.


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