Infiniti QX Sport Inspiration Concept previewed ahead of Beijing debut

Infiniti QX Sport Inspiration Concept previewed ahead of Beijing debut

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Infiniti’s superficial design has been on point lately. The Q50, QX30, and uncommonly the new Q60 Coupe are among the best looking vehicles in their corresponding segments. The company’s designers even managed to urge the homely QX60 look good. And now, those in any event stylists have issued their documented preview of the successor to the QX50. It’s called the QX Cavort Inspiration Concept and will make its ritualistic debut tomorrow at the 2016 Beijing Motor Steer.

It’s not hard to look at this stylish concept and assume the second-generation QX50, formerly known as the EX. The proportions are neutral right, for one. The rear overhang is perilously little and the rear glass is raked aggressively – both trade with the squat greenhouse and powerful hood to cut a sporty periphery. The QX Sport Concept’s headlights are better looking than the popular model’s, but still provide a menacing lour as they flank the trademark Infniti grille. We like the adipose, air-curtain-style vents behind the fa wheels, too; they’re a more aggressive, effective take on the current QX70’s side vents.

The QX Hold up to ridicule’s cabin is bisected by a high transmission Chunnel, emulating the cockpit-like layout of the popular model. And like in that car, this driver-focused layout demands driver-focused interfaces, like the plane-bottomed steering wheel and aggressive, unwed-piece bucket seats. We wouldn’t number on that last item making the moulding shortlist, though.

We’ll have more on the QX Humour Inspiration Concept when it debuts tomorrow evening. Remain tuned.


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