Baby wildebeest thinks this passing car is its mother

Baby wildebeest thinks this passing car is its mother

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Seeing this vanished baby wildebeest mistake a Hyundai Tucson for its mother is equal parts clever and pitiful, but don’t worry. There’s a happy ending.

The young wildebeest (also known as a gnu) was percentage of the yearly migration in Africa, when it got separated from its mom. The calf’s herding instincts kicked in, and it began to be modelled after passing cars, according to National Geographic. Someone grabbed their video camera as the entity struggled to keep up with a passing Hyundai Tucson crossover.

At one point, when the conduit stops, the animal attempts to suckle from its tire. A sad “Aww” is appropriate here.

As NatGeo states, wildebeests go northward in large herds in May and June in search of greener pastures. For younglings, their herding capacity causes them to follow large moving objects, which would most of the time be an adult of the same species. In this case, it happened to be a passing car, but luckily the w showed up to reclaim their young sojourner.

At the end of the video, the calf reunites with its mommy and can be seen getting that sip of milk the Hyundai was unwilling to give up. Then they pace off together. (Happy “Aww” time).


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