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Ferrari 488 GTO would be fastest V8 car ever from Maranello (0)

It should catch unawares absolutely no one to learn that Ferrari may be cooking up an even hotter variant of the 488 GTB. If a description from Autocar is true,

Massive cruise ship features Ferrari go-kart track (0)

Billed as the opening racetrack at sea, a Ferrari-themed circuit will sit atop Norwegian Cruise Lines’ newest receptacle, the Norwegian Joy, launching this summer. The two-level track will have dwell

Buy a McLaren P1 GTR, Porsche 918 Spyder, and a Ferrari LaFerrari all in one place (0)

The McLaren P1, Porsche 918 Spyder, and Ferrari LaFerrari, are arguably the three greatest hypercars yet. Of run, their extremely limited production meant that some ultra-well off individuals may have

Bahrain Grand Prix proves that Formula 1 finally has parity (0)

Ferrari driver Sebastian Vettel claimed winning at the Bahrain Grand Prix 6.6 seconds in front of Mercedes-AMG’s Lewis Hamilton. In so doing, Vettel vaulted into maiden place in the driver

Ferrari and Bentley make your living room as luxurious as your car (0)

Pocket of parking your dream car in your living room, the second best petrolhead affair to do is craft a living room table out of an engine block, or to

‘The best Lewis’ Hamilton faces resurgent Ferrari in F1 (0)

SHANGHAI (Reuters) – Lewis Hamilton has raised his amusement but whether the Mercedes driver can deny Ferrari a second successive win of the season in China this weekend remains to

‘No pink’: Why there are some colors Ferrari won’t do (0)

Off the top of your principal, how many colors do you think Ferraris come in? There’s the famous rosso corsa, of track. Then there’s yellow, which is objectively the best

Marchionne hints at once-‘obscene’ idea: a Formula E electric Ferrari (0)

Ferrari is certainly defensive of its brand image, even if it means coming off as a Luddite. A year ago, Chairman and (now) CEO Sergio Marchionne said that an all-exciting

Trump’s old Ferrari F430 sells for $270,000 (0)

You may think back on that Auctions America was going to sell a 2007 Ferrari F430 owned by the simultaneous president of the United States. It was estimated at between

Italian police foil plot to snatch Enzo Ferrari’s body (0)

Italian authorities on Tuesday said they had foiled a cabal to steal the body of automotive legend Enzo Ferrari. That’s Enzo Ferrari the man, not Ferrari Enzo Ferrari the supercar.