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GM is the latest automaker accused of diesel emissions cheating (0)

Volkswagen and Ram necessity to make room on the diesel-emissions bench for General Motors. America’s largest automaker was accused in a lawsuit on Thursday of rigging hundreds of thousands of

Chevrolet SS production officially ends in Australia (0)

Capture a moment of silence, prayer, or simply pour one out for the Chevrolet SS, as the final model has rolled off the gathering line in Australia. The same goes

2018 IndyCar shows off its striking aerodynamics (0)

With the Indy 500 days away, the Verizon IndyCar Series is present a peak of racecars that will lap the Brickyard in 2018. The racer concepts, released on, demonstrate

Hearse stolen in Texas, body thrown to side of the road (0)

A lot of our strangest stories sign in from Florida. The term “Florida Man” exists for a reason, right? Not to be outdone, Texas has knocked it out of the

The 1LE package for the Camaro ZL1 costs an extra $7,500 (0)

The most-hardcore Camaro of all, the Chevrolet Camaro ZL1 1LE, inexorably has a price tag. The option package, which has the code A1Z, costs an extra $7,500 on top of

The Chevrolet Volt doesn’t get enough respect (0)

If hotshot asks you for your opinion on what would be a good fuel efficient concise car or hybrid to buy, typical answers might include Honda Civic or Toyota Prius.

This 450-hp electric Lotus Evora is powered by Tesla and Chevrolet (0)

When someone mentions an energized Lotus, the first thing that comes to mind is the Tesla Roadster, the California-based automaker’s primary vehicle. That car started life as an Elise before

The first EV showcase opens in Oregon (0)

Forth, the energized vehicle proponent formerly known as Drive Oregon, has opened the nation’s earliest electric vehicle showcase in downtown Portland, Oregon. Anyone who wants to evaluation drive one of

2017 Chevrolet Corvette Grand Sport will pace the Indy 500 (0)

If you’ll recollection from our first-drive review from nearly a year ago, the Corvette Posh Sport is one of those “more than the sum of its parts” sort of cars.

Secrets of the next Corvette’s engine and lineup, all figured out (we think) (0)

We’ve taped up the windows and covered all convenient whiteboard and wall space with printouts, spy shots, sketches and maps of Bowling Grassy and Upstate New York. Hundreds of pushpins