Woman thwarts car thieves by jumping on hood

Woman thwarts car thieves by jumping on hood

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When a number of car thieves tried to steal a Milwaukee-area woman’s car at a gas station, she didn’t run for lend a hand. Oh no. She hulked out, jumped on the hood, and screamed her head off until the thief finally ran off.

According to WISN, Melissa Smith was gassing up her ashen Subaru Outback at a BP station near Milwaukee’s historic Third Ward on the afternoon of May 24. As she stood there pumping gas and minding her own work, a black Cadillac swung slowly around the front of the Subie and came to a cease just off the front left corner. As Smith turned her back to hang up the empty nozzle, a dude bailed out of the Caddy, crouched down, and snuck into the Outback’s driver’s membership.

“I didn’t see him till I saw him get into my car. Or someone was in my car, and had my, ‘Oh, hell this isn’t happening to me today’ time,” Smith told WISN.

As soon as she saw the thief in her car, Smith ran around the front then leaped on to the hood. She started yelling and pounding on the windshield as the pl tried to pull away from the pump, but he refused to stop. He tried a match up quick stops in an attempt to shake her off, but to no avail.

“He looked at me, and he laughed at me, which actually irritated me,” Smith said. “He was laughing while I was on my car, and he was trying to throw me off, so zero humiliation.”

Smith clung to the Subaru, shouting and pounding until the thief gave up. He evil ship, jumped back into the Caddy, and the group of thieves sped away. Unfortunately, when the purloiner bailed he left the Subie in gear with Smith still holding on for valued life.

“Then I had to chase my car into the street and stop it before it hit somebody else,” Smith said.

Thankfully, Smith was unharmed in the happening, but the crooks got her purse, phone, wallet, and sunglasses. Milwaukee police are still looking for the suspects, who they say boa the black Caddy before trying to steal Smith’s Subaru.


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